Any larger LCOs ever sub out large properties for mowing?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Ramairfreak98ss, Apr 27, 2008.

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    Im curious what they would pay? Since most dont charge much to begin with, would it be worth anyones time, small or large company to "work" for another LCO?

    After posting about a high loss of residential lawn accounts this year, the one two punch was that loosing a lot of the residential and loosing what i expected a given of attaining two large apartment complexes, we now have zilch for mowing each week.

    Since i just acquired the new 72" mower, thinking it would be used two days a week or at least for a lot of the residential accounts, its now sitting and im only taking it out for "fun" one day a week to cut a few of the largest residential properties.

    We cut mainly in central NJ, but have plenty of equipment to handle much larger areas, wide open areas, complexes with a lot of acerage etc.

    Any one on here between Hammonton, NJ "south" and Princeton/Heightstown, NJ "north" areas shoot me an email.

    We are doing one sub job for a company that handles a few warehouse locations in Hightstown, which is not my area, but since we're already traveling there 25 miles away. Im not sure what they get per cut etc, but theyre offer to me was enough that i can still profit and keep the machines busy for mowing.
    I thought id check on here to inquire about any other opportunity other companies may have and not have the man power or equipment.

    Id take anything seriously from 2 acres worth to probably 60 lol. We could cut larger areas with a few machines and if it could be done in a day im all ears.
  2. Ramairfreak98ss

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    not even the occasional opinion huh? :)
  3. At one time I considered it a good idea too. So I trailered my big Howard Price 15' batwing mower to a big nursery in Cincinnati.
    I said that I knew they did some work in Wilmington, (about 50 miles away). That I would be able to sub some of their scheduled mowing and save them travel costs.
    They listened, looked at my equipment, and took my flier. Said they'd call if they needed me. That was about 10 years ago. They havn't called yet.
    Since then I've mowed the factory they were servicing for 3 years myself. Thinking all of the time about the offer I'd made to that nursery.
    I'm glad they didn't take the offer. If I'd done a fantastic job it would have only made the nursery look better. Then I might have never got the job for myself.
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    since large area mowing goes as such (what i think is) a rediculous $/acre, i don't know how much lower you could go to get those kinds of jobs? unless, you are referring to people who have the need (various large properties) and simply not the proper equipment to mow it efficiently.

    for me, it would absolutely have to be an all day job with a wam or couple of our 72's to get my interest.
  5. bohiaa

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    Not sure where your getting your information But I'm very expensive...

    And Yes I sub out about 3 to 4 times a week....
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    Rod, im right on par with that too. Ive heard ranges from 20-25 an acre for large areas... maybe even cheaper though who knows. And yeah, if it wasnt big enough for at least the 72" and 61" to go out for 4 or more hours it wouldnt be worth it either.

    If you figure the 72" mower could easily do 5 acres an hour open, thats still $100/acre/hr/per operator, $~80hr for the other mower . For us, it would be worth it for at least a half day job weekly on a Monday-Tuesday deal. Im sure there are companies who have bids for places that are just too big for what equipment they carry each week.

    I know guys with 40" and 48" walk behinds or 48" ztrs that get properties that are 10-15 acre estates "every so often" or at least offer a price on them, knowing its going to take them a whole day to cut.

    I sub out some mowing way out of my area on contracts, if its a $40.00 lawn cut i charge $45.00, pocket $5 just for handling the account and thats that.

    If another company was charging $25.00/acre and paid $20/acre to mow, that should still be profitable to us at this point.

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