Any laws using Agriculture fert on residential turf

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by grnbld, Mar 19, 2006.

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    Sorry guys I was pretty vague as far as what I was asking.

    Are there any laws against using ag fert on residential turf? Reason I ask is that when you talk to people at places like lesco they frown real fast and give you reasons not to use that type of product. I understand that they are competitors and they are pushing their product for sales, but I believe a person told me it was against the law in one of our conversations. Does anyone know if this is true? I have looked in books and on the internet but I have not found anything stating one way or the other.

    What are the pros and cons of using agriculture products on residential turf?

    Any bad short or long term effects on grass?

    Does it even matter, is product the product the same?

    So far the I have noticed the cost to be much cheaper w/ ag products.

    Any info is helpful.
  2. Agri-AFC

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    There is no law against using ag fertilizer on residential lawns.

    no long term effect.

    does matter....cost.
  3. GregoryR

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    The label is the law. If there is a specific restriction on the label that prohibits the use of that product on a residential property, then to apply it anyway is a violation of the law. Check the label to be sure.
  4. Jason Rose

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    Well, ag fertilizers don't have the slow release properties included, such as SCU, PSCU, and so on, They are also usually devoid of Iron and and micro nutrients. Using ag type fertilizer in the fall, say a 46-0-0 is pretty common practice in thie area, or at least it used to be. With the costs of Urea so high now there really is not that big a savings between that and a Lesco 34-3-8.

    The ag ferts usually don't have a uniform prill size either, each nutrient can vary quite a bit size wise making spreader settings for small push spreaders hard to get accurate, these are made to go thru large broadcast spreaders that cover 50' wide.

    the N-P-K, apples to apples, is the same stuff no matter what bag it's in the basic elements are the same... Just manufactured differently for turf use.
  5. Agri-AFC

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    Ag fertilizer has come a long way. The statement above is false. Ag fertilizers are blended with SCU, micros, and iron for the ag market and they are available for turf. Your statement was true concerning the prill all depends on the fert. plant.
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    Ag fert usually comes in large prill sizes. This means there will be a larger distance between individual prills in the lawn. If ag fert is used on short cut grass that is starving for N you could develop spotting: a dark green spot around the prill and not so green further away. I've seen this on golf courses on fairway turf.

    Ag pesticides can have the exact same ingredients as turf and ornamental pesticides but if the label doesn't list the plant you are treating then you can't legally use it. Ag pesticides are almost always a lot cheaper but use at your own risk.
  7. Jason Rose

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    Ok, I stand corrected... I haven't used or even looked at them in years. I remember brands like Zipp and propell. Our local Coop sells a couple lines of fert now, made and packaged for turf use. They still aren't very good, and one, called "The Ultimate" has 10% to 20% IRON in every blend. Great Idea, but their iron is the HIGH STAINING kind. So bad that it will stain the concrete on a humid day in the time it takes to finish spreading it and come back with a broom or the blower. It's always easy to pick out the homeowners that have used the stuff, their driveways and sidewalks are red/orange speckled!
  8. Jason Rose

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    oops, spaztic finger...

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