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Any more reviews for the Ferris 32" hydrocut


LawnSite Member
Boston MA
I'm seriously looking into one of these machines, I've read the other reviews, but theres alot of different opinions. Any 32" that might be better like a gravely, or scag?? I've been using a used sutech for the past couple of years, its gotta go next year!


LawnSite Silver Member
If your gates are large enough, I would check out the quick 36. it is another single hydro design, and has paid for it self many times over.

Drew Gemma

LawnSite Bronze Member
Canton Ohio
i just did a demo on a ferris 36 with elc. start and all. It is set up to be used real easy except how you hold the triggers down. I want a small mower I have 52in hydros. but I ain't messing with little mowers I could not tget the feel but it was a sweet machine for it's size.