Any negatives to having an enclosed trailer

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by cozymonkey, Apr 8, 2010.

  1. cozymonkey

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    So I recently picked up several accounts in the not so nice part of town. They are HOA's that are fairly big. Where ever I park there will be times when my truck and trailer are not visible. There is alot of foot traffic. So my initial thinking was that I would buy a cable and padlock and just weave it through my equipment and at least it would prevent the quick grab of a blower or trimmer. But after working the past week or so I am not enjoying hooking it on and off at every job site. So now I am thinking of getting an enclosed trailer. My main question for those of you who have them what are the negatives or what dont you like about them? I could probably put up with the cable for awhile but just seeing what I might have to put up with if I got an enclosed trailer?
  2. Runner

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    Access to equipment is usually the biggest noticeable difference, but that isn't that big of a deal. I mean sure, it's easier to be able to walk OVER to a trailer and get whatever pieces of equipment you need, but a few more step in isn't that big of a deal...especially considering the security factors. Another big one is refueling. The equipment basically has to be unloaded and fueled at the station unless there are hatches put in place for this purpose. the side hatches are a major asset in these cases. Now, mind you...just because you have an enclosed trailer does NOT mean you have to go through all the effort of closing and locking it at all times while on the site. this is just an option. Good luck with your shopping, and I hope you find a great deal.
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    seems hauling off debris would be the tough part. wouldn't locking and unlocking the cable to get you weedeater or blower be about the same as having to close up and lock the enclosed trailer each time?
  4. cozymonkey

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    i plan on keeping my open trailer to have for debris removal and back up. Ya I was thinking about having to close the door and lock the trailer. But I figure I have to lift the gate and put pins in on an open trailer plus lock up the equipment. Never thought about the refueling issue.

    I guess with an enclosed trailer it isnt really advertising your stuff. For all they know you have all of your equipment with you and the trailer is empty. With an open one they can see it all.

    Do the enclosed trailers get really hot inside during the summer?
  5. K-OS

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    All the previous posts are negligible, the advantages far out-weigh the negatives. Your equipment will last longer in an enclosed trailer than out in the elements. Gives you a nice place to rest if a storm cloud moves in for a few minutes. Adds extra storage space for your garage (keep it in the trailer). Gives you an extra spot to work on the machines if it's raining. Makes machinery out of sight for thieves, makes a great advertising billboard. Keeps the bed of the truck clean for other purposes.

    Ugh, I can go on and on and on......

    All professionals eventually opt for closed trailers.

  6. topsites

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    Let me tell you something, unless you work the crack corner where there's folks
    desperately needing a fix, you're just as likely to have your stuff stolen in the
    nicest neighborhood as compared to the not so well bestowed ones.

    Yes sir, down in the projects someone might take your stuff because they need money,
    but don't think rich kids won't steal on a whim, some usually do it for the challenge.

    That having been said, when I go out I WORK for a living.
    I don't quote ridiculous prices, I don't wash and wax my stuff, most of it is used
    and I do keep up on maintenance so there's grease and grime and everything,
    Then it's like MYob, I keep my eyes and thoughts to myself, and concentrate on the job at hand.
    In short and by no means of an accident, I LOOK like I'm working.

    And it has been my experience that for the most part, much like we wouldn't give a second thought to the guy
    walking around in a grimy shirt and pants carrying pipes and wrenches, anyone can see he is a plumber,
    that as a rule folks don't F*K with working man.
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  7. SimonCX

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    Personally I love my enclosed the only thing I regret is not buying alittle bigger because that 2 ft doesn't look like a big deal until you start loading everything. Like previous posts it keeps things out of the elements, extra storage, and the most important how many times have you been in a nice neighborhood and you have to go piss with no where to go, that empty gatorade bottle comes in handy.
  8. hitechlm

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    there nice if you are on one property for a long time, but if you have a lot of little properties they are a pain to work out of. JMO.
  9. cozymonkey

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    hmmm interesting thoughts everyone think I will keep my eye out for a good deal on one. Thanks for your input
  10. LwnmwrMan22

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    The only thing I DON'T like about my trailer, the grass doesn't blow off the mower going down the road.

    Other than that I've been running enclosed trailers since '96.

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