Any new bagging systems coming out?

Discussion in 'eXmark' started by Esby, Jul 1, 2002.

  1. Esby

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    I am wondering if, and when Exmark is going to come out with a bagging system like that of Peco, or the Hustler systems. I am not so much looking for an additional motor like the Peco Vac, just something other than a "bagger". Looking for something that works well for dumping onsite, without getting off the Lazer Z.
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    Hey Esby,

    Thanks for the post. I heard a rumor around here that we were working on a bagging system similar to what you described, but I haven't seen anything in action yet. I have to give the engineers credit. This year they're REALLY doing a good job of keeping secrets. They must be hiding something that's going to impress all of us! Until then, we'll all have to wait :cry:.

    Talk to you later,

    Exmark Customer Support
  3. dlandscaping

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    i havent used it but ive seen it and it supposedly works well the new toro dts i think it is a vacumm bagger no motor runs off rear pto and dump from seat. Why don't you guys use theirs?
  4. eXmark

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    We've seen this bagging system as well but we also have not tried it. That's one nice thing about the Toro/Exmark relationship.

    Two different design teams, different design philosophies and different performance advantages. No one design does everything better than everyone else. This way no matter what type of cutting your doing, no matter what region your in there is an option that can meet your specific needs.

    It would be extremely unlikely that we would use their bagging system. Although this bagging system may work fine on their deck it simply may not function on our deck in a manner that we feel is acceptable.

    When in doubt demo, demo, and then demo. What works great in one region may not work in another. You need to determine what works for you.


  5. Runner

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    While we're on this subject, if I may comment. I've always liked the solid one container type bagging units, but it wasn't until Exmark came out with the Ultravac unit that I realized the benefits of seperate containers for the debris. While the solid one piece container is a great convenience for being able to "dump from the seat", there are also some downfalls. This is great if you're able to dump it in a field, or have access to drive into the back of your truck to dump, but if you're bagging anything of any significant weight, dumping that much could also be a hassle. If you're bagging dry grass, I suppose it wouldn't be that bad, but let's think about this a moment. With the Exmark, if you're going over dry grass again, chances are you can do a pretty good job of cleaning it up at this point withOUT picking any up. If it's dry at this stage, that is. Leaves. Sure, leaves are light, but much of the fall cleanup period, with a bagging unit, is done while grass is still growing, and green grass is being sucked up as well. Over grown grass. Again, the main advantage to a bagging unit is being able to pick it up on the FIRST cut, if it's allowd to dry (time) then many of times the necessity to bag is eliminated. I suppose with wet, heavy grass, we could lay out two or three SEPERATE tarps, but the seperat bags just seem so much easier to handle. Now, while I don't own an Ultravac, (though I'm sure looking seriously in that direction) I don't even know what it feels like to EMPTY these bags. I DO know that THAT much wet grass is HEAVY, though! I also know, that I would challenge any average man to lift 13.5 bushels of WET fresh cut grass in a tarp, by himself. On the other hand, I guess it is possible that the feel of one of these three bags filled with dry leaves MIGHT be a bit light, and feel like overkill in lightness. I think, however, that the ability to lift other materials in them would outweigh that. Bottom line is, I feel that the divided three seperate bag system, for most applications, is more easier and user friendly than the large one container system is. Just a thought.:cool:
  6. Esby

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    Very good points Runner. I just think it would be nice for Exmark to come out with such a bagger to give people the opportunity to choose which system best fits them. It would also be nice for business's that run several Lazer Z's. This would allow them to purchase different bagging systems for their different machines, thus allowing them to use the correct bagging system at each individual property.
  7. Turf Dancer

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    As to the One piece Hopper type baggers, There are a couple of companies that make a conversion kit that is a scissor type system that uses hydraulics to dump the hopper into a truck ot trailer from the ground. They make them for walkers and I have heard of them for the bobcat with the rear hopper
  8. eXmark

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    Turf Dancer,

    Good question. As far as what's going to be coming out for next year I'm not supposed to tell, it's classified, top secret, can't be leaked under any circumstances etc.

    Besides I'm not 100% sure what's going to be debuted at the GIE show in November. I've heard a couple of rumors but a scissors lift isn't one of them.



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