Any News on 2009 lawnboy/toro 21" unit?

Discussion in 'Toro' started by joed, Jul 12, 2009.

  1. joed

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    As I was told in the spring, toro has discontinued the production of the lawnboy commercial 21" mower in favour of redesigned toro version. As that redesigned toro been created? Is it available in Canada? What are the specs on this unit?
  2. The Toro Company

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    joed -

    Yes, LawnBoy Commercial 21" walk behinds have been discontinued. Toro Commercial 21" walk behind replacement models 22155 (hand push) and 22156 (self propelled)are now available for Toro Canadian dealers to purchase from Toro. Here is the spec sheet.

    The Toro Company

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  3. joed

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    YesLawnBoy Commercial 21" walk behinds have been discontinued. Toro Commercial 21" walk behind replacement models 22155 (hand push) and 22156 (self propelled)are now available for Toro Canadian dealers to purchase from ToroHere is the spec sheet.

    The Toro Company 
    Thanks for the info. This is the exact same system has the lawnboy commercial. It appears to be a good mower but one thing that is troublesome...speed. 3.1 mph for a commercial unit is slow plus what is this variable transmission? Is it the same as the personal pace?
  4. The Toro Company

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    Joed - You are correct, it's the same mower including transmission as the former Lawn-Boy commercial, only branded Toro. A company decision was made to discontinue the Lawn-Boy brand and it made good sense to keep these models alive under the Toro brand. No change is planned to increase the groundspeed.

    -The Toro Company
  5. joed

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    Originally Posted by The Toro Company:
    Thanks for the update. This is disappointing news since lawnboy has a big following up here in Canada. Sticking it under the red toro brand name will only serve to confuse the buyer. When we think of toro for commercial 21" units, we think of the proline series, when we think of lawnboy, we think of this unit. I've spoken to several fellow lawncare operators regarding the lawnboy commercial unit with the honda engine and variable transmission. From their perspective, the machine side discharges well but it doesn't mulch well, the bag is too small, and the transmission is too slow and too weak. The majority of them actually preferred the staggered wheel commercial lawnboys. I own several of these units and like them but their ground speed of 3.6 mph is too slow. Toro really needs to bump up the speed of these units to at least 3.8 mph and replace that variable transmission with the 3 speed transmission found on the lawnboy staggered wheel design. Toro's attempts to fit this niche market first with the pt21 in 2007 and then with the lawnboy commercial in 2008 are good attempts but fall short. I wish you would take the pt21's deck (based on the super recycler model), combine it with the Kawasaki FJV180 (also on the pt21) or the honda gsv (on the lawnboy) and combine it with the 3 speed transmission found on the old staqggered wheel lawnboys. That would make an ideal commercial mower. As it stands now, I will likely look at replacing my commercial lawnboys with the honda hrx217 series.

    Last, Toro should really look at making a 26-28" mower. There's a real need for that type of mower. However, it should not be based on the exmark 26". I've had that mower and it was a disaster. An 8-9 hp engine on such a unit would work much better.
  6. whoopassonthebluegrass

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    That is NOT a commercial mower.
  7. bare spot

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    is it available in the northeast? have one of the lawnboys u mention and it's been a great mower for me(2 seasons in), thought i'd ask for myself, thanks
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  8. brucec32

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    What this guy said! We basically need:

    1. lightweight deck so it's 85 lbs, not 120.
    2. reasonable top speed (3.1 sounds too low)
    3. 3 speed "squeeze to go" drive system, NOT personal pace.
    4. Priced $1,000 or below.

    You guys are coming close but keep hamstringing each machine for some odd reason. We get get several of the above attributes but always one is missing. To get a strong easy to use fast transmission I have to get a 115 lb machine and pay $1200. I can get a lighter unit but I lose the transmission.

    Take what used to be a $500 zone start superrecyler residential mower, put a 3 speed transmission with decent top speed on it ($100 extra?), beef up the wheels (maybe ($100) and sell it for $900 and your margins will be huge. Yet you're still coming in $300 below your heavier commercial units and giving up nothing in performance.

  9. bare spot

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    does sound good, what i really like bout the lawnboy model (toro now) besides being ltwt,. is how well it bags, it don't miss much and hardly ever clogs, thought i'd add.
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  10. The Toro Company

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    These models are available in the United States and Canada. However, some dealers may not elect to stock these models. If that is the case with your local Toro dealer, you can request that he/special order this product on your behalf.
    Thank you,
    The Toro Company

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