Any news on the big Kohlers Kaws

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by tacoma200, Sep 15, 2007.

  1. tacoma200

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    Watched a demo of the big Kohlers last year at Expo and I'm seeing adds in every magazine but haven't seen them on a ZTR yet. Who is lined up to use these engines (Exmark, Scag, Cub Cadet)? Just wondering out loud. I've never had a problem with a Kohler but when they rushed the 30 out with all the carb problems it made me wonder about if they are really taking their time and doing their home work. Briggs all ready has a good track record in the 30+ hp application. What about the big Kawasaki's I'm hearing about? Will they come in horizontal and vertical? Who will be using them? I'm very happy with my 31 hp Briggs (Dihatsu) so far. It seems like a beast compared to my 27 Kohler (seem like a lot more than 4 hp difference in the field). Lots of torque and the gas usage isn't bad considering what it will do to a thick lawn in short order. I have put off on Hustler in the past because of bad experience with the XR7 deck in Northern grasses (weeds) but it they put a 38 hp engine on it it would be a real force to be reckoned with in areas with Southern grasses.

  2. Gruneich Lawn Care Inc.

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    I have been wondering the same thing also, I talked with my Exmark dealer about the big Kohlers, and he said we might see something next year with the 38hp, but he couldnt promise anything. I love my 35hp Briggs though, great on gas, considering how much power it has.
  3. delphied

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    Ive got the 30 Kohler with mods and have 85 hours. If there is a problem, I dont know what it is. Who in the world needs 38 HP. Its a lawn mower, not an earth mover.

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    I have used a country clipper boss with the 30hp kohler and the new 37hp kawasaki and I really like the kawasaki! it burned less fuel than the kohler and had a big power diffrence!
  5. Envy Lawn Service

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    Yeah.... Cub, Bob-Cat and Country Clipper already have had units out with these engines for a while now.
  6. lifetree

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    I didn't know that .. I'll have to try to find one of these machines with one of the big engines !!
  7. tacoma200

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    If you cut two weeks accounts on a normal rainy year around here you need a big block and a free flowing deck. I was really talking about the new engines above 35 hp. My 31 hp big block is just enough for what I do. if all my accounts were weekly then I could (and have) gotten by with less. After feeling the power of a big block or large displacement engine it would be hard to go back. I don't include the 30 hp Kohler in this class. It is basically the same as a 27 with a few modifications including the carb and is not a what I call a big block. Just basically wondering if Exmark, Scag, or any of the big companys are using the new 38 Kohler or big Kaw. I know I have lawns that will slow the 31 down but rarely.
  8. Envy Lawn Service

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    The really top selling companies seem comfortable... slow to move... slow to change... slow to upgrade.

    I think it takes drooping sales numbers to get their attention and get them on the move.

    On a side note... have you heard any rumors of a totally new eXmark ZTR?
  9. puppypaws

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    Hustler is on the move, they are saying the heavier components in the power train to take care of the extra HP is what they are working on, the engine is not a problem. They think some of the mowers with the bigger engines components are not beefed up enough, they are trying to bullet proof it as much as possible.

    My dealer says the 37 hp Kawasaki's have been great so far, but they have not been very far either.

    I already asked the President of Hustler personally to build me a Super Z with a 38 efi and I would buy it no questions asked so I could be the Guinea pig.
  10. TLS

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    Make that TWO!!!!

    Not quite sure what needs beefing up on a Hustler though? Other mowers....yeah.

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