any of you guys on here servicing 1,000 or more wklys

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by ronslawncare, Oct 5, 2003.

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    theres this one company two brothers they advertise over 3,000 wkly lawn maint. customers i believe it these guys are everywere. there work force is all spanish.its amazing anything is possiable in this business .these guys got to be paying for some of these jobs because they get all the new contructions for sod and sprinklers.all comercial its crazy they been in business 27 yrs .heres the work they do.
    full service lawn maint.
    landscape design/construction
    bulb gardens
    holiday lighting
    winter evergreen protection
    snow removal

    they found there niche and went with it.
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    The only thing I see that they don't do is retaining walls and I am sure the must. Where did they find their "niche" if they do everything?? Give some other people 27 years and see how they make out.
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