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Any of you have wash out yet?


Millenium Member
With TS Gordon passing by tonight we here in the Charlotte area have had a 5-6 hour s l o w rain. It has been perfect for the lawns I've aerated so far. It will also make the ground perfect for the ones I have to do tomorrow. Have any of you suffered heavy downpours causing your seed to wash out? Hope not.



LawnSite Senior Member
southern ohio
In Ohio, many contractors have had their seed wash all summer long with 2" downpours in one hour. We've had several of those this year. I had a residential property go from normal one day to having 2 riverbeds 5' wide carved around either side of the house. After I seeded and strawed.
I've went through a lot of erosion control netting this year.
It has been good for seed germination though.


LawnSite Platinum Member
Here in Delaware it must have rain at least 2"-2.5". Every things soaked!! I'll start aerating on Friday. Plugs should pull real nice.


LawnSite Bronze Member
Here in southwest FL. we are still soaked from Gordon. Also it rained off and on today. If I get any further behind, I'll actually start catching up, ha ha.