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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Bennett scape, May 1, 2008.

  1. Bennett scape

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    hey guys just wanted to know if there is any old school fans for the BR 420 Stihl Blower out there the one without that crappy 4 mix engine on it or the C converter. (note it could be a slightly different model that i am talking about) I remember using one for the first time back in 99 and it was the BEST. It may not be as powerful as the ones these days or as pretty but it kicks every ones ass i have blown WET LEAVES several feet thick with it and it did great the airstream Left a hole in the soil the size of my ass (that's pretty big) and it sounds like heavy metal music. (witch i love) also it had a great 2 stroke engine and plenty of revs. I know we are supposed to like new machines but this is the only blower i will buy and yes i have tried Redmax and others but they can not hold a candle to this blower.

    PS I have nothing against 4 mix engines in fact i had to learn about them in collage for my degree in this field. I just prefer the 2 strokes for small power equipment.

    PPS sorry Tripp but i had to get one elsewhere no hard feelings
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    you should try ebay or call stihl.
  3. MortonLawn

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    I still have my BR420c stihl running strong, I love that blower :)

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