Any one from Eastern Iowa?

Discussion in 'Network: Central' started by iakentdoz, Jun 19, 2005.

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    I am new to running my own business but have may years experience working for other either mowing, farming etc. I am taking it slow and building up my equipment and getting my name out there. I am still looking for customers and know it will take time. I will have a listing in next years yellow book that comes out in November and am working on a flyer that I plan on mailing out to all homes owner who have homes value over 250,000 in ZIP codes 52317 and 52241

    If any one has any ideas on how I can get more customers or promote my business I sure would love to hear it. Right now I work 7-4, M-F and plan on some day working full time for myself.


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    Eldora originally. Started at 20 with nothing here in big city and lots of competition. now one of the biggest. Iowa quality and work ethic beat out the rednecks. take it slow and enjoy yourself. if you fail move here and help me. i pay up to $20 hr and offer insurance. avg employee lasts less than a week. 100 in past 2 years. only 3 lasted more than 6 months.

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