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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Allens LawnCare, Dec 8, 2003.

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    Anyone from the New England are, just looking a creating a contract, looking for some ideas as far a prices, hourly, per size of yard, should I start charging just for say mow, wack, blow.......and add the other stuff tree trimming, mulch, edging etc at the end or offer a package deal.........Any Ideas.....Starting in '04........also, any one plow.......Can anyone tell me if there is any truth that if I add an plow to a dodge 1500 it voids the warranty......I had a dealer tell me I can put one on a Dakota or a 2500 but not a 1500
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    I'm from the East Providence area, good luck on the new biz

    as far as pricing goes, ask some of the local guys you see in the

    neighborhoods, pricing structures change city to city and also by

    certain neighborhoods. small yards ( 3000 sq. feet ) I usual get

    no less than $25.00 and then I work my way up from there.

    Time spent at a house also has alot to do with the price so make

    sure you do some practice runs on your own yard so that you can

    get some sort of an idea. Hope this helped a little bit.
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    Hey Redsox, I'll give away all my secret information for a dozen Krispy Kremes. ( seeing Cranston is one of the very few stores in New England) Regarding the info, email me at and let me know what you need and I'll shoot some info your way. I pass by you on my way down from NH to Westerly,RI every weekend to get my kids. Not a native Rhode Islander, but I lived in Newport, East Side of Providence, and have family in Narragansett. As for the Dodge, yes the dealer is right. I think after 96, they started making the front ends lighter and voiding warranties for guys who plowed. I heard that they were warranty'ing too many Dodge's from plowers and had to change the design or something. I think Ford did that as well on their F150 after a certain year. Gm & Chevy never followed suit. You can still plow with their 1500's. That's not bible, just what I heard.

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    hey redsox welcome to the bis i've been in the bis for 12 yrs i maybe able to answer your questions! I am from onset mass, you can email at The # 1 advice i can give you is if ur going to to do this full time then you better be ready to give it 150% of time and effort, you get out of this bis what you put into it!!!!!!!::waving:
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    Hi Redsox. I live in NY, but born in RI. My grandma lives in Cranston, sister and mom in Pawtucket. I would start with a minimum, say $25 or so for mow, trim and blow. Remember that the houses with all the fences and landscaping take more time, even if they are small. If you plow with a 1500 Dodge you will void the warranty. Trust me, I learned the hard way. That is why I own a 2500HD GMC now.:D I agree with the others to check and see what others are getting in your area also. Just remember they may have been in business for awhile and are quicker and have more efficient equipment than say a guy just starting out, so they probably charge accordingly. Good luck to you. Don't forget about insurance.:waving:
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    Just went though that crap with plow dealers I said I have a ram 1500 he said not a problem. Great ill buy the truck then get her insured registered then go to get my plow. Oh I cant put a plow on that. Excuse me I said why the hell not you told me you could its why I bought it. Well its a quad cab the book says I can put them on reg cabs but not quad. The frame cannot handle the weight well I know this is crap so I do some research. Your love this since my truck can seat 6 adults they have to figure I may try that while plowing LOL yea right. So they refused to mount my plow luckily my mechanic said he could mount one when I asked him. Then the same clowns that would not mount it for me happily sold me the new plow. As a result it cost me an extra 300 to mount her and I do need to upgrade the shocks and its recommend I get a transmission cooling system, which I plan to do.
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    Jaime- What is the name of your business. Are you in irrigation?
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    I hate that when someone says their product is the best, then turn around and say you cant do that, unless, then you got to modify and then there your best friends again,, Go figuire

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