Any one have an issue with the sciatic nerve

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Kelly's Landscaping, Jun 19, 2012.

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    Blew a disk out of L4 and L5 20 years ago. I was carrying a speaker for a band job. The pain went into my foot and I have lost much of the feeling in my big toe. I was in so much pain, ended up emergency surgery.

    Some tips for other back pain sufferers. Take your wallet out of your back pocket, it miss alines your spine siting on it all day. In the morning while still in bed do leg curls (just lift your knee up to your chin several times) one knee at a time. Plus my biggest help mostly after surgery was to swim. Water aerobatics is OK but just do slow laps in a pool doing the simple breast stroke. Nice long reaching slow and easy 20 to 30 minutes 2 or 3 times a week. On the 3 time i went I ALL my back pain was gone. Still cant feel my big toe like i use to.

    As a general rule most surgeons wont do surgery unless your pain radiates down into the lower leg and foot. At this time your potently cause nerve damage. And surgery is your only hope.
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    Everybody and I do mean everybody, should be doing at least 30 minutes of exercise, 5 days a week. And just because you have a physical job, that doesn't get you out of the exercise. You'd be surprised at what this will do for your cholesterol numbers.

    I use a pedeller for my exercise. I have a total cholesterol of 91 and the other numbers look great too.
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    I had the same problem for over a year, just sucked it up and kept working because no doctor could fix the issue. Finally got to the point my back gave out. only thing that worked for me was i found a chiropractor that did spinal decompression. Had to go in 3 times a week for a month. started going to the gym and now im good as new.
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    Having a back injury really brings home how vulnerable we are. Our work, our income relies on our backs so to speak and as we get older, pain that once lasted a couple of days now takes months to subside, and even then not entirely. When your young you feel so indestructible, lift anything, put big days in etc. Its only as we get older all those little twinges seem to catch up with us.
    Having bad Sciatica myself and sick of swallowing pain killers and anti-inflametries, I took myself off to a chiropractor.
    For months I suffered with the dull ache, pins and needles in your foot, you guys know the symptoms and all the time believing chiropractors, physio's, bone jerkers and the like could never help me.
    Well I have to say I was wrong.
    To my surprise this young girl (probably 24 or 25) not long out of uni I guess, done more to relieve my pain than any tablet I shoved down my throat.
    And I can remember clearly the first visit thinking "I must be nuts" thinking the little that she did would actually do anything.
    I was so **** sure of myself I remember telling her that I was a non-believer of this type of stuff.
    But I think it was around the third visit I noticed a bit of relief, enough to believe she was actually helping me.
    So anyway I think its definitely worth trying a month or two of chiropractic it might not work for everyone but it's worth a try.
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    Well I called the person I'm seeing tomorrow a doctor because she is but she is a chiropractor and when I read up on this that was the main course of action most recommended. I used one for like 6 months or so after a car accident back in 1990 the lawyer wanted me to go. Not sure if it helped with the accident but it sure helped with all the damage I had done to my back as a night crew grocery clerk. Shes going to be horrified when she sees what 25 years of hard labor can do to a back LOL.
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    Relaxation techniques worked for me. I also had the shock therapy to my lower back.
    I have two herniated discs in my 4-5 vertebrae. This is from a tree limb back 15 years ago and looking down with a line trimmer for 20 years. I am finding that carpal tunnel syndrome isn't pleasant either. The real pain exists from getting in and out of my 09' Dodge at least 100 times a day with no step ups. The seats cup your butt and those raised cushion areas tilt your back and pelvis. I can only look back at lifting cross ties, quicrete bags, retainer wall blocks, fieldstone blocks, trees, digging for 12 hours a day on landscapes. The list can go on for hours, and all there is to say is this job is like any other hard working class people endure is hell. The body has a expiration date.........some is sooner than others. At 43, I sometimes feel like I am 50 getting out of bed in the morning. So, Do not let any chiropractor pop your back at all. Make sure they do full scans or exrays on your lower and mid back. OFten you will find that compression somewhere up the back is causing the lower back to ache. Tense muscles, torn muscles and ligament problems will act up the sciatic nerve. Mine occurs the most riding Z's and the Walker mower. Not so perfect lawns over the years has destroyed my body and back.

    So to all those out there that is working, owning and running their businesses like me..........Kudos. We deserve respect in the long run!! We choose this doesn't choose us. We all knew of the job qualifications and exemptions when we go started in it.
  7. Think Green

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    One other thing that a long time family physician told me. The repeated use of power blowers on the back will relax the muscles to the point of injury. Ever wear a back pack for an hour or so and then take it off to work?? You back feels like it was walked on by a brigade of soldiers. This acts like a messager and then you exude more work to fatigue the muscles even more.
    The last thing he told me is---" Prolonged use of the same blowers has been studied and found to cause heart palpitations. Often may cause heart problems in later years.
  8. Damian

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    What brand are your Percocets? I've found different generics give different relief. I'm on them and ER Oxy.
  9. Kelly's Landscaping

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    I'll know more on Monday when I meet the doc again and she has had a chance to review the xrays. But the exam went well shes basically ruled out compressed or herniated discs or anything to do with the spine. Her suspect is a pulled a deep muscle I guess connecting the leg to the back. She had me doing all sorts of strength tests and flexibility tests to see what caused what. As I suspected the foot pedal on the mower to lift the deck may well be the cause of the most painful weeks of my life. So the muscle has a spasm and that in turn is hitting that nerve. For now standings hurts sittings good. Its funny how lifting a 44 gal barrel of grass up 4 feet onto the truck that can easily weigh over 100 pounds doesn't bother me but 5 mins on a weed wacker and I have to go sit down.
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    I've been dealing with it for 10 years off an on, started while lifting a furnace out of a basement and has been aggravated numerous times doing light or repetitive stuff. This last time I benat over to set my 15 month old 22 lbs daughter on the ground on her feet and dang near fell over.

    I'm not a weak oerson by any means but I knew it had to be muscle/core related. Ended up going to physical therapy and the therapist I had was amazing (went to school with her). Anyway after an evaluation it was determined my PSIS (don't ask as I don't know) was twisted which basically meant my lower spine was twisted to the right. She said for about 4 weeks you will be feeling a moderate ache as we untwist you and build up your abdominal core. Boy was she right, I'd leave pt feeling like I had done something, I felt muscles in my back, abs and ribs that I didn't know existed. The key to this is keep up with teh workout to strengthen your ab core. Before whenever I would do situps, bend over to pick something up, sit, lay, just about anything it always felt as if I was slightly canted to the right. Whenever I would injure or aggrevate this I would get the pain down the left leg. Absolutely miserable. Since PT has been over the last 3 weeks I haven't had any problems.

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