Any one have an issue with the sciatic nerve

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Kelly's Landscaping, Jun 19, 2012.

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    Figure 17 was the exercise I was talking about.
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    Let me tell you my story with it.
    I got off a Z a couple of years ago and my right leg folded on me.
    I shook it off but it happened a few more times.
    Did right of way work in the winter, bent over with a brush blade.
    Sore lower back all the time.
    Then I lifted a big bag of dogfood out of my pickup and that was the last straw.
    Went to the doctor, prescribed drugs and heat. WRONG WRONG WRONG

    Finally went to a good chiropractor who did X rays.
    The sciatic nerve looked like a match stick that had just been struck, inflamed.
    He put me on some exercises, adjusted my back, and gave me a very small refreezable thing to put on my lower back.
    That thing is what keeps me going today whenever I feel the telltale signs.

    Here's what you do....
    A small refreezeable item like a small bag of peas, put it under your lower back.
    Lie on the floor with a towel rolled up under your neck so your spine is loose.
    Pull your feet up so they lie flat on the floor.
    15 minutes of cold, 30 minutes off, repeat as much as you want
    This absolutely works.

    It took me about 2 years to get my right leg muscles back.

    Now, here it is.
    Bend at the knees.
    Heard that before?
    Yup, me too.
    I do it now.

    When you have a line trimmer or hedge trimmer in your hand and are just trying to reach that one far off spot, reconsider.
    Reposition yourself instead because I can guarantee if you constantly bend at the waist with a line trimmer or hold a hedge trimmer up and reach too long you'll have a sciatic problem.
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    I had severe and I mean severe sciatica for over 6 months in 08', the condition got so bad I was almost an invalid, went to a chiropractor which made things worse. Finally I was at the end of my rope, I could hardly complete my work and was in severe pain, my morning routine consisted of 20minutes to be able to get out of bed, another 15 minutes to be able to sit down on the commode and 20 minutes in a hot shower directed at my back to be able to slowly straigten up, the rest of the day was excruciating.

    Long story short I got a MRI which showed a ruptured disc and by the grace of God was referred to a highly qualified neuro surgeon that performed a microdiscectomy, it was 100% successful. I am pain free and have no problems to this day. I wish you the best of luck as the pain I endured for over 6 months was the worst pain of my life.
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    X rays showed the disks the way they should be. The alignment wasn't bad either I have a few Vertebrae in the lower back that kick out to one side then to the other. The amount is small and probably not the issue but I am having them worked on once a week for the next month or so just to be sure. I over stretched something reaching for a deck pedal and I swear I heard a pop which is impressive with head phones on and the mower running. But I am feeling better I spent today doing odd ball repairs on some mowers including plasma cutting off a few blade bolts that got rounded. So while I am not 100% id say 80% plus is a good guess when this first happened I would of put that rating in the 10% range.

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