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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Todd's lawncare, Jun 6, 2005.

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    Most of the time i put all gas cans in a locked tool box but . I left them out over night and while getting ready to fill the mower on the job my guy seen white stuff all over one of the cans. So i dump it on another one and there must have been 10lbs of sugar in it . I most likely know who it was but what are ya gonna do good thing it wasn't in the mowers . Any one ever has and ****** do anything like this ? And do they make a gas lid the locks for mowers ???? Or some kind of strap to put over the hole tank and lock it up some how ??? Beside an enclosed ?
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    If I knew who did it, I would shove a .38 in his face and tell him next time I wont be sticking it in his face but the other end and my trigger finger gets itchy from time to time. In all seriousness, dont you have storage? Garage? I never leave my equipment outside at night, always goes in the garage and the box I built on the inside in front of my trailer houses all of my gas cans, trimmer line, pruning shears, yada yada yada. And I have never heard of a gas cap lock for a mower but that sounds like a money maker to me. I think we all know who may be in on that invention real soon! payup
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    I was told that sugar in the tank is old wifes tale. Not your story but the fact that it wrecks stuff. Not sure if it's true. By the way hope you catch them and kick them around.
  5. Todd's lawncare

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    Ahh i cant kick HER around . I might find myself on the inside wishing i was on the out side .
    Yea i have a garage but the new trailer don't fit in it and i am good with the close neighbors so i didn't think about it and i have a tool box to but just didn't one of them days .
    And to bad they already have locking mower caps i was gonna paten it tonite !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And who knows if sugar does but i know a buddy of mine got in to it with his wife and she put a hole bottle of dawn dish soap in his tank on his truck and it messed it up and it didn't even blow bubbles
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    About ten years ago I took a cup of sugar and put it in a small jar of gas and screwed a cap on it. Two months later you could still see the sugar in the jar. Today's gas will not dissolve sugar. It does nothing.

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