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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by RSK2, Mar 26, 2006.

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    I think there are some misconceived notions here. First, performance injectors won't do a thing for you without a good chip. If you go that route you get a set of rebuilt injectors with larger nozzles. Second, performance injectors are cool but not in a work truck. Injectors + heavy dump truck = lots of broken parts and short engine life. If you want this truck to be reliable get a good chip set up for heavy towing, gauges and a downpipe.

    Can you fix just one injector? Yes and I would only fix the bad ones. It's very rare that all the injectors are bad. Good reman injectors from Alliant Power run $215-240 each plus a core. You can get new Alliant Power injectors for just under $300 each. Alliant Power is the only supplier of injectors for Ford and International powerstroke and T444E engines. Are you certain that the truck has a bad injector? A bad wiring harness can cause an injector(s) not to fire. It's kind of uncommon to have more than one bad injector. Has the dealer run a system scan on the truck? What was the cylinder contribution results?

    Lastly, that truck is way overpriced. If the truck is in really extremely good condition aside from the injector issue and has the heavy GWVR, 15-15,500 would be fair. Which wheel base, trans, and gear ratio does the truck have?
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    I basicly have the same truck but it is a 95 and has a plow if you interested let me know its a little cheaper.
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    Sorry, shoulda mentioned that a chip or programmer is needed to get the full advantage of bigger injectors. But i think I will have to disagree that performance injectors will lead to breaking more parts and shorter engine life. Any performance modification, other than maybe a straight pipe and intake, can/will do this depending on how the truck is driven. I have heard a couple of horror stories of guys with the EDGE evolution in their PSD's and toasting an engine, because they either didnt keep an eye on their EGT's, or didnt have a gauge to watch. A good friend of mine has a 94 F350 4x4 (basically the same truck only no dump) that he pulls a 24' enclosed trailer with to races all over the country. Truck has 250K, with Swamps performance injectors (whatever the mid-range ones are) a 4 position custom chip, downpipe, straight pipe and air box. He has power when he wants it, but gets BETTER fuel mileage now than he did stock if he drives it sensibly. O yeah, it competes in, and finishes top 5, at several local truck pulls every summer. Any performance enhancing modification can lead to breaking stuff, a lot, if you don't drive sensibly. I just know that when the time for my injectors to get changed rolls around here in 20K or so, I am going w/ Beans Stage I's, and trading my EDGE for a custom chip. I also know that I am not gonna pull my valve covers to change 1 measly injector, why not put in all new ones and glow plugs so that you KNOW everything is new and good?
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    RSK, one more question, do you know for sure that it has an injector problem? I know that these injectors should last for 150-200K, keyword is should. Just curious as to if this is just what they are telling you or if you know this for sure, like waht is the truck doing to make you think this?
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    they said that was the problem with the truck buy i think there is
    more things Wong with the truck. They had the truck for a long time
    so i am not going to buy the truck i will find a better truck some time
    thanks for all the info you guys have help me with thanks :waving: :cool2:

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