Any one own a Ford C series or Dodge L700

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by An-A, Feb 7, 2009.

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    I am moving into areas of hardscaping and installs of sports-fields and am looking for a good beater truck for hauling around hardscaping, sod, etc. I want used because I plan on my crew using it. I want an older truck because it's easy to repair (My last job was tractor mechanic. I hate electronics in new trucks.)

    I have always liked the For C series and the Dodge L-700's. The fords are easy to come by, but have poor handling. The dodges are hard to find, but can turn around better in residential. Plus the dodges are older. So probably ford.

    Any body have any of these trucks? How does it handle? How often were repairs? Which one should do you think I should get?

    Found these pictures on the web:




  2. Gravel Rat

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    Holy cow there is some antiques :laugh:

    Seriously thou if you really want a cabover the old C Series Fords were not that bad. The manual transmission equiped trucks are a challenge to drive because most of them had very sloppy linkages you need long arms :hammerhead:

    The old C series Fords had a cab on them that weighed a ton you need a crane to tilt the cab.

    If you want a cabover that can carry some weight and be reliable I would look for a MR series Mack. The truck is only a 2 seater thou.

    The C Series Fords usually had 2 engine options the 3208 Cat or the 534cid gas engine. The fire dept had a old single axle C series with the 534 and 5spd the truck couldn't be unplugged from the block heater because it didn't want to run cold. The 3208 is a okay engine rated at 210hp and kills mosquitos when you drive down the road :drinkup:

    The Dodge is too old.
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    we used to have one of the fords, actually we still do it is sitting in the woods. seems like a good idea, but aren't parts going to be next to impossible to come by?
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    Yes parts for the old C series cabovers are hard to find. Any Ford parts are getting hard to get for the big trucks.

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