Any one think this is worth it or has even tried it??

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by bigw, Dec 25, 2007.

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    In my book it's all about investing funds to reap ROI, one of the best ways to see this is you have to figure length of time it takes to pay for itself, then for how long you reap the benefits. You get to a point it costs more and more, and it takes longer and longer and then you don't gain but so much, but for starters it shouldn't cost much, it shouldn't take long, and it should pay for itself many times over.

    For instance, I'm finishing my 6th year so now I'm to the point I am considering investing 3g in an aluminum trailer so as to cut 1,000 pounds of weight to increase mpg and driveability... That's a type of investment that is far out there, but once you get all the small stuff out of the way it gets like that. Now this would take 5-8 years to pay for itself, and the average life expectancy of a trailer is 10-12 years or so, so it pays 1.5 times for itself in that time, so it's about the same as keeping the money in the bank but I can also sell my current trailer cash for a quick G, how that works.

    So to me 100 bucks is a drop in the bucket, he's not even asking that much, I believe if you gain but one thing out of the report that helps you by a few percent for as long as you own the business, you'll pay that 100 off and make it back 10-20 times over, or thereabouts, maybe 50-100 times over but since there's no telling I would rather stay conservative.

    In terms of investment, the less that gets invested the more it has to earn... It's strange but it just so happens to work out as well, invest a thousand and you can expect to earn maybe double to triple that back, get to 10 -20g and the percents drop way down, but in small amounts 10-20 times for 100 is about right, it's on the money.

    As for reaping ROI forever, that may sound nice but in business you would learn some of these things anyhow, just takes time, so I think the life expectancy of this deal is 3-4 maybe 5 years or so. 48 x 100 = 4800, assuming you increase your profit or gain margin by an average of $100 a month for 4 years.

    Oh yeah, he wants 65 for it, not 100.
    I'd say that will be paid for in the first month, then you'll gain at the very least $2,000 in increased revenue from that, if not in your first year then certainly in your first 4-5, probably by the end of the second, I'm figuring. Now it may not sound like much, but realistically speaking that is well worth it.

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