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Any one tried a Mertz Boxer Mini Skid?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by landproscapes, Jun 28, 2004.

  1. TJLinc

    TJLinc LawnSite Member
    Messages: 46


    I know you are a Dingo dealer so you have to be a little biased, but there is no way that a TX425 will out lift a Boxer 427. I used to own a 427. We ran that thing hard, and it was worn out when we traded it. But before we did, I demoed a TX525 and a Vermeer S650tx alongside our former 427. I will tell you right now, the only thing a Toro outperform a Boxer in is ground speed when empty. We were moving trees and rocks around with the Boxer that we would have to put extra men on the back of the Dingo to move.

    With that said, the Vermeer is in a class of its own. We were hung up on the money on the Vermeer, and I came to the conclusion that I would do without before I bought a Dingo. Everyone is talking about hand cramps with the sticks on a Boxer? I was begging for the sticks on a Boxer after I ran that Dingo. We ended up buying the Vermeer, and have been very happy with the decision.

    To the OP the Boxer is a good unit, and I would not hesitate to own one.
  2. AWilsonCreativeServices

    AWilsonCreativeServices LawnSite Member
    Messages: 201

    I will say I love love love my miniskid (Dingo). It allows us me to have basically a 2 man company with the part-time ability of a 4 man (moving materials, digging, etc). Also, it gets borrowed by a larger local landscaper who we do some sub work for in exchange for use of his mini-x, some extra mowers, and access to a mechanic.
    However, I find myself in an interesting situation- I currently own a Dingo 323 wheel model (bought used, but still only has 475 hrs on it). A retired landscaper I know that now only does some irrigation work purchased a Boxer track model with the Perkins diesel 2 years back. He and I are friends, and he's looking to sell his setup and only do repair work (he's pushing 70, the tough ol baztard). So, I am thinking of selling my Dingo to upgrade to the larger lifting/pumping capacity etc of the Boxer. I have lots of experience on the wheel model Dingos, but have never run anything else similar. The retired guy says the Boxer is superior bec it has a creeper gear, the ability to set ground speed separate from hydro speed, and the obvious increase in power (diesel v gas). It has similar hours. Another thing is the Boxer has a cooling system, where as the Dingo is air cooled. I have recently rebuilt the x2 lift cylinders, and now need to rebuild the boom/knuckle cylinder in the Dingo bec I've prob been abusing it. I could use a little more lifting and hydro power- do y'all think this would be a good purchase/step up?

    Oh, and sorry to thread-jack, OP. I just thought my situation my also shed some light on your question. Thanks.
  3. TJLinc

    TJLinc LawnSite Member
    Messages: 46

    I would recommend the Boxer. Its a tough machine. Mine had a very tough life before me, but still served me well, and I'm sure is serving the next guy will. The main reason I went with the Vermeer is the consistency of the brand. And, it was the only machine that I ran that had more power than my old Boxer.

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