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Any one use a toro z350


LawnSite Member
Hi guys
do any of you have a toro 350z or use one
i am looking at one and see if any of you have a info on this
mower. the guy is selling it for $1.500 it has 800hr on it an info thanks


LawnSite Bronze Member
I owned a z355, was generally good, but mine was a 2001 model, it had a few deck and vibration issues, toro fixed these on later models.

I heard they don't make these any more.....they are very solid, and the low profile is excellent, go places where a midmount ZTR couldn't, but buying one could be meaning you are buying problems.

I would personally buy something in production, warrantee....

maybe the new exmark navigator if you need to bag clippings...

mulcahy mowing

LawnSite Senior Member
In two hours i'll be going to pick one up i'll tell you how it goes:usflag: