any one use peachtree?

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Quickbooks, Quickbooks, Quickbooks :)
You just need someone who has experience with it to help you through the process of setting it up and properly identifying which category of expenses and incomes you need to use. You will be surprised how many people you know use Quickbooks - you just need to trade out lawn care for a few hours of their time :D Ask around... you'll be surprised.

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I feel stupid even attempting to answer this but here goes. We started out with Quickbooks then bought a larger company, they were using Peachtree. My bookkeeper/sister-in-law did not want to switch but realized the impracticality of trying to change everything over to Quickbooks so she went to a Peachtree class and came back kind of pissed :angry: at the original staff because as she put it they were using the space shuttle to go to the corner. She quickly fell in love with Peachtree but had it rough with the original staff because it was more difficult but was able to do much better tracking. I split from that partnership and my wife now uses Quickbooks and I often ask for reports she can't supply;) and I think individual job/labor tracking might be one of those. Don't ask me any more ? thats all I know. Good luck. Whatever you get go to the classes.


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I've been using Peachtree for years. Ask away, I'll try to help you out.

It's all what you're used to.