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Any one use this, or know someone who has?


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i value my equipment and only use fully synthetic oil. stihl ultra is the brand i use in all my mixed equipment.

Richard Martin

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Greenville, NC
Most manufacturers will deny warranty coverage if you use that oil. From my Stihl FC 95 manual.

Do not use BIA or TWC rated (two-stroke water cooled) mix oil or other mix oils that state they are for use in both water cooled and air cooled engines (e.g., outboard motors, snowmobiles, chainsaws, mopeds, etc.)

I use Amsoil and Stihl synthetic

Jason Rose

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That pennzoil isn't just for watercooled, it's a universal oil and is rated to replace BIA and TWC.

As much talk as I see on this site about 2 cycle oils, I've figured out one universal truth. Use what YOU like and feel is the best, because ALL of the oils out there work just fine. One guy claims that brand X ruined 3 of his trimmers, the next poster comes along and says he's been using brand X for 25 years and his trimmers are all 10 years old and still run like new... Take everyones opinion about ANY sort of oil with a huge grain of salt.

Just read a post the other day on here of a guy running nothing but the walmart supertech MARINE 2 stroke in everything he has for several years and never had an issue, and it was like $7 a gallon. lol.

Frankly I don't understand what the hell the big deal is about PRICE and 2 stroke oil. You use less than 2 OUNCES to make a gallon of gas. Unless you are a huge operation that has dozens of employees running as many trimmers and blowers all day, the cost of your 2 cycle oil is very miniscule to the bottom line. The difference between running The cheapo stuff and the most expensive, probably the Stihl synthetic, is what? 75 cents a gallon? How much mixed fuel do most guys use a year, say owner and 2 helpers? 40 gallons? 60? I burn through 30 to 40 gallons a year, but i've really never kept close track. It wasn't something that was going to break the bank.


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Central, OR.
I've been useing pennz, for the last four years and haven't had any problems at all!!!!!!!!!!!