Any opinions on rubber mulch?

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by tjlco, Jan 16, 2011.

  1. tjlco

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    My wife and I just bought the property next door, and we will be doing a play area for the kids. Somewhere in the area of 3- 4000 sq ft. Rubber mulch was my 1st chioce till I saw the price. Anyone use this stuff for a customer? Yourself? Just curious if its worth the extra cash. Thanks in advance
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  2. Lefet

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    We put it down for a customer. It has it's advantages, and disadvantages. Cost being the biggest disadvantage.
    Looks nice
    Multiple colors
    You don't have to add to it every year (doesn't break down)
    Maintains color, never looks dull or worn

    It gets kicked out of the box, you'll spend time "rounding it back up"
    Can't think of any more at the moment.

    They do offer a "certified play ground mulch", but that's a wood mulch and will break down eventually.
    I would also make sure you check your local township ordinances as there is a minimum depth required. Even though this is your property, I would make sure I was "up to code" so if the neighbors child gets hurt you're covered.

    Hope this helps.
  3. Patriot Services

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    Yes and yes. Buy in bulk. Use best quality fabric underneath. Very safe for children. Color lasts forever. Frame it in. Only downside selling it to customers is you don't get the recurring business.
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  4. 93Chevy

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    Yeah, this is actually one place where rubber mulch may be a better alternative to standard wood mulch.
  5. Lefet

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    Thanks, I knew there was more, forgot about those!!
  6. lawnpro724

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    We do several commercial daycare business centers that have it on their playgrounds. Here is what they have told me about it. First of all if they had to do it again They WOULDN'T. Its makes a complete mess getting tracked inside into carpets and everything else and it gets very HOT in the summer sun. It's not worth the cost according to them. A good alternative would be pea gravel since it would stay cooler and wouldn't get tracked inside the building and would still be very safe for the children and the cost is much cheaper. We have replaced one of our daycare centers rubber mulch with pea gravel and they are much happier.
  7. tjlco

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    Very interesting, which is why I love this site.
  8. knox gsl

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    I would use the wood PLAY GROUND MULCH, this has been tumbled and had the rough edges worn down. I do like the idea of pea gravel.
  9. exmark user

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    Can you buy this in bulk because I din't think my suppliers have , but have seen it at Walmart for nearly 8.00 a bag!
  10. Swampy

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