Any other ways to pass out flyers?!?!

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by rppaving, Mar 19, 2013.

  1. weeze

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    it would take you a week to walk to every door with 2000 fliers. waste of time is all it is.

    i don't even use fliers. i tried it once and passed out like 1000 and wasted 2 days and only got 1 customer from all of that. no thanks. there are better ways to advertise without wasting so much time and gas.
  2. Element Property Mgmt

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    disagree. it costs me about $30 per 1000 flyers and my average return has been 3-4 customers per 1000 flyers. to me $30 bucks for 3-4 accounts/jobs is more than worth it, plus even if people do not call its a good way to get your name out. personally i enjoy hiking around a neighborhood passing out flyers, i just listen to music while im walking and if i have an oppurtunity to see a homeowner outside i always introduce myself and try to chat. It helps to have professional looking flyers also.
  3. 32vld

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    Weekly local paper 44,000 circulation. Ads started running March 7.

    In those three weeks I have put out 750 flyers.

    Newpaper, 1 estimate given.

    Flyers, 4 estimates given. 1 new customer, 2 more possible.

    I will keep wasting my time.
  4. weeze

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    i dunno where you guys get fliers for so cheap. i put out tons of fliers and got one estimate and one job.

    i run and ad in the newspaper for a month and i got about 10 estimates and 5 customers from it. cost about $100 for a month long ad which can be seen in print or online reaching every household in my area.
  5. West Texas Oasis

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    My town is pretty spread out.. and I'm not prepared to drive across town to mow a yard for $30-$40. I drive a jeep that gets about 12 mpg, which doesn't help much. I'm solo, so the closer I can keep my area.. the better. That takes out newspaper and phone book advertising until I get bigger. I personally have had good luck door to door. 1 or 2 calls per 200-300 flyers, I'd say most of the time it's just a 1 shot deal.. someone wants their shrubs trimmed up or their normal guy is on vacation. But those calls turn into weekly's.
  6. OakNut

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    I'm surprised the old flyer in a ziplock with a rock and toss it in the driveway method hasn't been suggested yet.

    You know, for the classy lawn care outfits.
  7. 32vld

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    Staples wanted $60 for 500 photo copy flyers.

    For a $2.40 ream of paper and a $20 ink cartridge I print out a better quality image on my home printer.

    $22.40 for 500 flyers.

    I will say that this spring while not extremely cold we have gotten 3 half inch snow falls. And, we have not had a prolonged mild period yet. So many people are not thinking about their grounds yet.

    So I am hoping that money spent on the newspaper is not wasted. My $212 cost will bring a $900 return if I get one weekly customer at my $30 minimum at 30 weeks.

    However when one only needs a few hours to fill up their schedule it does not matter which way one advertises if your goal is to only hire say three more customers.

    Those that want to grow a lot more then that are better suited at trying different means of advertising. Because flyers are ignored by some. Not every one gets a daily or weekly newspaper let alone read the adds in them. Same with flyers in the mail.

    Craigslist has been a bust. Only cheap people looking for low ballers.

    I wanted to try EDDM. Though as I have said before $2,600 for only one zip code is money I do not have.
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  8. weeze

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    i've tried everythiing i can think of.

    i tried door to door. did not work at all.

    i tried fliers. didn't really work either.

    i tried signs. didn't work.

    i have a facebook page, thumbtack page that shows up on first page of a google search, yellow pages online page, etc. none of the online stuff has worked.

    only thing that has worked for me is word of mouth and newspaper ad.

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