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Major Tom

<p>Was wondering how many of you are able to substain your business and be in a partnership, without kiling each I know there are a lot of solo operators out there, but haven't read much about any partnerships.<p>My boyfriend and I are partners and sometimes it seems like we can't agree upon anything.<p>I am definitely the more aggressive one when it comes to the business. I don't like customers pushing me around, and I don't like to low ball a bid, just to get the customer.<p>We have been averaging about 10 calls a day since our advertisement last week and some of the people that have been calling are what we call &quot;tire kickers&quot;. People who just waste your time. I personally don't like to deal with these people. I would rather get 20 new &quot;gravy&quot; accounts than pick<br>up 40 accounts that were under bid, and all season long regret having to cut them.<p>Because he is the male in the partnership, I let him handle speaking with all the customers by phone, or by the initial bid.<br>I think customers initally respond better to the guy.<p>Anyway, just wondering how you guys or gals handle partnerships. Is there a lot of bickering between the two of you?<p><br>Major Tom's partner, and girlfriend<p><p><p>


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My partner Adam and I have been friends since 12yrs old (we're 30 now), in business together now for 10 years and were best men at each other's weddings. Do we bicker? Yeah. It's unavoidable. The past few years have been better since we don't ride around all day together working in the same crew. This season we may once again be working together some of the time in the field so we'll see how it goes. Main disadvantage of partnership - 50% of possible income goes into the other guy's pocket. Makes a huge difference in your takehome pay. Therefor you need to gross a lot more than a sole proprietor in order to earn the same pay. In your situation you don't have to worry about that though. Anyhow the advantages outway the disadvantages. There are two of you to handle all of the business related aspects (customer service, paperwork, quotations,etc...). It's also nice to be able to bounce ideas off of one another, to play devil's advocate in a discussion. This way all of the pros and cons of a possible action are taken into consideration before acting on it. Having an equal partner can also reduce the stress of owning your own business. The other guy shares all of the responsibilities with you and all of the successes and failures. <p>Having said that, the dynamics of our situation are less complicated than yours though for obvious reasons...we're not sleeping together :). To be honest I'm not sure I could have my wife as my business partner. My marriage is successful in great part to the fact that we each have equal say in family matters, however I'm a &quot;type A&quot; personality and more of a leader than a follower where business is concerned, if you get my meaning. Besides, I cannot picture my wife out in the field with a backpack blower strapped on her back, or hauling a bag of grass over her shoulder anyway. <p>One thing that Adam and I can do easier than you is get away from one another over the weekend or even just overnight. We don't see one another 24hrs a day. I would suggest you have some &quot;time for yourselves&quot; when your feeling like killing one another. Personally I've lifted weights since age 15 and for me it's quite a pysically exhausting kind of way :). <p>I wish you luck.<br>----------<br>Dave in S.Ontario<br><br>

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