Any pressure washer gurus?

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by LarryF, Jul 10, 2012.

  1. LarryF

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    Looks like a brute of a machine! A Rigid 3800 PSI with a Honda engine. It's not mine, I borrowed it.

    Starts easily and was a powerhouse for about a minute, but then the output fell until it's just a drip. Input water pressure is ok, so I checked the pump reservoir. There's some oil in it, but the dipstick has no marks to indicate how much should be in there. I'm reluctant to overfill it since I'm not familiar with what the consequence might be. The owner doesn't know where the manual is, but he told me it was running ok when he used it about a week ago. He said it has only about 10-to-15 hours on it. Does anyone have an idea what I should check for or where I can get a manual that will indicate how much pump oil should be in it? And what kind of oil that is?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Bashby

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    The ones I have used had a sight glass on the side of the pump. The tip on the wand isnt clogged is it?
  3. pugs

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    Try Rigids website. They have manuals there. You will need the model number.

    Probably 30 weight non detergent for the oil.
  4. ecurbthims

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    before you mess with it,any warranty left on it?
  5. dieselss

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    Input water is the input filter ok?
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  6. slowleak1

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    I highly doubt that it has a filter pre pump.

    What brand pump is on it?
  7. jetta

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    i would guess you have pump issues
  8. LarryF

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    You put your finger on it and although it was the first thing I thought of, I only checked the water flow out of the faucet before attaching the garden hose. But the hose was on a reel and there was a crimp under layers of wrapped hose that I didn't see initially. But when I finally unwrapped the hose all the way, I saw the crimp. So all is ok now and the machine is working fine. But before finding out what the real problem was, the owner of the washer found the manual and brought it over to me. Didn't have much info on the pump, however, not even the kind of oil it needed, but it did say that it should be changed every 200 hours. I then tried to call Rigid, but it doesn't have humans that one can talk to. About all the recording that are provided can do is direct one to a local service center. Calling Home Depot where the machine was purchased was also an exercise in futility, so I looked at the pump and googled the manufacturer (Annovi Reverberi) on the Internet. I came up with one web site that identified what oil to use,

    and since the one I'm using has an RKV4G36, it looks like 30W non-detergent is the oil it would need. I noticed that this chart states an oil change is needed every 50 hours in contrast to the Rigid manual's recommendation of every 200 hours.

    Well, thanks everyone for the help.
  9. jetta

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    go to northern tool and get cat pump oil, look for a view window.
  10. dieselss

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    Glad it was something easy and not expensive..
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