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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by 1MajorTom, Aug 5, 2000.

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    Got a question here. Might have been asked before, but I don't remember reading it.

    Went to cut a customer's yard yesterday. She's a very nice lady, and it is quite a simple yard to do. Totally flat, takes no more than 20 minutes, and is $30.00 a cut.

    The town where we were, all homes have septic tanks, and they are in the process of getting sewage put in. It is mandatory that every home complies.

    Well when we got to the lady's home, we found that they had started ripping up her front yard. It's now all dirt and stones. (Such a shame because it was such a nice yard.)

    Anyway, there wasn't much left to cut. Actually we were done in about 10 minutes with the rest of the yard.

    Should we have isssued her a price cut until the yard is restored? The way these workers are going, it is taking them a long time to complete a yard. (After tearing up a yard, they sometimes leave it untouched for weeks at a time.) Then even when they do finish up and reseed, they are doing an awful job. Rocks and big clumps of dirt are left everywhere.)

    We didn't issue her any price breaks. We still charged $30.00. I mean, we still had to drive out there, unload, reload, and cut. Were we wrong in not lowering the price?

    Just wondering, because I know we will be running into this problem in some of our other customers yards.

  2. thelawnguy

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    If it was my customer, no discount unless they specifically ask for one, and then it would only be a token amount. Is the customer going to reimburse you if you mow one of those rocks or a hunk of drain tile?

  3. eslawns

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    I wouldn't offer a discount. If she asked, I'd tell the client that it should cost more. You assume an added risk with debris. You have to make an adjustment to the way you mow. You must absorb the cost of any damage to your equipment.

    Understand that she's probably upset about the condition of the lawn anyway. If you know how to establish lawns, you might offer a discount if she'll let you renovate after the septic tank work is done. Then you can factor that back into your price if you want.
  4. Getmow

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    I suggest that you do give the customer a break if they request it. When the time comes for you to charge extra for your work it will be easy for you to show that TIME IS MONEY.
  5. yardsmith

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    dittos to the above; if they ask, then I would honor the request. (people don't see our point of view)
    If it becomes a pissing contest, then politely explain the new risks, & extra maneuvering & trimming now involved. YOUR PRICE IS BASED ON SIZE OF LAWN SOMEWHAT, BUT MOSTLY ON TIME SPENT ON THAT JOB (IT SHOULD BE ANYWAYS). You will probably have to spend the same amt. of time (or more) to mow as before, only by more trimming, etc.
  6. sunrise

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    if she asked I may try to work something out but i would say with the price unless i wasnt there at all
  7. dhicks

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    I think the right thing to do is to give her a break on the price until her lawn is restored.

    You would not have asked your question if you were not a moral and considerate contractor. You’re a good person!
  8. Charles

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    NO discount is required. 30$ is even below my minimum per stop. You need to have minimum just to drive to and unload your equipment. Morals have nothing to do with this fact. Most every type of business have a minimum service charge. Once you get in your truck and start the day you are WORKING at that point. Truck drivers get paid to drive. It cost money to run your vehicle.

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