Any problems with the LT Rich line?

Discussion in 'Industry Surveys & Polls' started by lawnguy67, Sep 26, 2007.

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    I am seriously thinking of going on my own after working many years for a national lawn care company.

    We use Perma green magnums and ultras and I am familiar with the mechanical problems they will get with very heavy use..

    I am wondering about the LT Rich line and if anyone has had them for several years and are there any expensive fixes.

    I am not mechanically inclined at all so it would mean down time and money spent for someone else to fix.

    I am interested in the Jr model as this will fit through most gates I believe..but it is REAR WHEEL DRIVE and I know our perma greens aren't strong enough to go up many hills..or they spin I have to step off the back so they can make it up...but with the Rich models this would only take weight off the drive wheel.

    Any experience in this?

    Thank you.
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    Hi dude --- We've been using two PG Ultras since 2004. They have done their job, but they are on their last leg. Weed control sucks & climbing slopes (front-wheel drive) tears up turf, just like zero-turn mowers when they turn too quickly.

    Recent threads on this site indicate that Z-Spray units are better, but I don't personally know, yet we plan to buy our first LT Rich Z-Spray later this fall. My concern with Z-Spray units is controlling it on slopes, so most advise to buy the largest -sized Z-Spray.......but they will not fit through small gates.

    This is why I will fly to Indianapolis in late November so I can persanally try them out before I spend thousands of dollars.

    We have 3000 lawn customers. 9000 sq ft or less, we usually treat by hand, but for larger properties, we use a LESCO Z-two sprayer/spreader or else a Spyker 220 electric preader (John Deere 445 w/3-point hitch). Our PG Ultras rarely treat more than 15,000 sq ft. In fact, our walk-behind Spyker spreaders cover 50% more than our LESCO spreaders and Permagreen units.

    I'm guessing we will use PG unit for lawns with gates, and use Z-Spray for those without gates??

    Good luck dude, cuz we're in the same boat as you and probably many others.:usflag:

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