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Any Problems with Toro or Scag??????


LawnSite Member
Pace Fla.
I will probably be purchasing a new Z rider in next few weeks and am looking at the Toro 100 series and the Scag tiger cub. I think both will be good mowers. I will be getting a 52" deck and 23hp Kawi. motor.

I am going for the smaller series to cut medium commercial and residental properties. I already have a 42" Walker and 36" Exmark TTHP and need something larger and faster.

My question is for anyone that has one of these mowers; " have you found anything about either mower that made you regret your purchase."

I'm am not looking for general Toro vs. Scag competition and who likes one brand over the another.

Thanks in advance for your help.:cool2:


LawnSite Bronze Member
Hayden, Alabama
We have a Scag 19/48 with a Kawasaki, it's a 03' model. We looked at the Toro 100 series, but it was not built as heavy and cost about the same, the advantage deck on the Scag is also better than the super flow on the Toro.

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