Any recommendation on rotors for 2009 silverado

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by ed2hess, Jul 7, 2019.

  1. ed2hess

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  2. Mudly

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    Good Lord no, visit your dealer
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  3. Mumblingboutmowers

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    The majority of them that you find will all be subpar unless you spend big money and that's still no guarantee you will get good ones. I would just buy the local ones because the shipping fees will be high. Most likely the same quality either way. And locally you can see what you are getting to make sure it is the correct part. For other automotive parts look at Ebay instead of RockAuto, you will find much better deals.
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  4. Eric502

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    When it comes to brakes.... I have found that in my experience and three different vehicles that the Centric brand rotors, calipers and pads (fleet level pads specifically) greatly outperform any other brand or setup I have ever used.
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  5. get-n-by

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    My first and last experience with "Rock Auto" was a let down. I ordered there pad and rotor set for the front and back. The parts looked great but when I put them on the car the NEW ROTORS were warped right out of the box. So I went to O'rileys and bought there rotors and they were spot on.
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  6. GrassManKzoo

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    I only use rock autos china parts when I work on other peoples cars....:D

    I go to Napa for my personal vehicles unless it’s Sunday then I’ll go to orileys
  7. OP

    ed2hess LawnSite Fanatic
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    Any input on Advanced Auto........we buy a lot of stuff from them since they are about quarter mile from our shop. With the number of stores they have in austin they can get almost any part same day.
  8. Mumblingboutmowers

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    Pretty much same stuff as Autozone, but with a higher cost. At least in my area. The only time I go to Advanced is if Autozone or Napa doesn't have what I need (when I need to buy in person).
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