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    To Newell Mowing Co:<p> I can't give you good advise on hiring good employees. There is things that I can share with you & these are just my thoughts.<p> My first employee was I think a spy sent to me by other lawn service companys out to ruin my life. I had a few accounts he was doing Ok. We went to one place & he decided he would do the trimming because I was tied up with the customer. I didn't know until later he had knocked the bark off all the way around about 10 or 12 trees until about 2 weeks later the customer called me & said his newly planted trees were dying. I replaced them they cost about 4 times what I got to cut his lawn & no repeat business. LOL<p> Later this same day a very rich & attractive customer of ours was outside at the pool. I also did their office. The employee made a pass at her & then he tried to kiss her. Well I made him ride in the back of the truck until we got to his house, ofcourse I snatched him out of the back of my truck & proceeded giving him a - A # 1 Mr. Ass Whoop it took a while & when the police arrived I explained the situation & left. When I got him out of the back of the truck I made sure he hit me first! I lost both accounts after I tried everything because it was my fault they said. Its true if you are a boss you are elected to be the baby sitter.<p>Hired a few more loosers, convinced I was that I was the only Professional in the lawn service business called the GrassMaster in North Amercia. I went home & told my wife that I just couldn't find anybody as good as I was.<p>She told me I hope not or you would be working for them. Then it dawned on me she was right. So I decided I would never find Mr. Perfect. Well I did & a few months later he had to go off to college. He recomended his brother another Mr. Perfect, boy was I lucky. He stayed with me several years & I decided he could do better, so I helped him get a very good job, by then I had a few more good old boys.<p>I did hire some more loosers & then I finally got the dream team 5 of the best only one maybe two had to actually work for a living. The rest were from wealthy familys & they were the best. I could send all of them in a burning building carrying 5 gal. gas cans full & they would be going as hard as they could go, never saying a word. They were the best!<p> So as I said in the above post I worked as hard as I could in this thick hot air, I heard in another post thick as pea soup & 103 degrees, I love every minute of it. <p>Sweating too death & it did almost kill me. BTW bikini season down here is about May till October min. Its nice on those days when you are so over heated that you can't see or think straight. All contracts are 7, 10 or 14 days year round. Not the kind of money you guys get UP North of here but steady money every month. Big money in winter.<p> Then I found out if you are going to have employees, you can either run the business or you can let the business run you. I found out the hard way. They don't work out, work them so hard that they quit or straighten up.<p> The good employees are out there you just got to hire them & give them a chance. How many busines's out there have employees & plenty of them. I promiss you that you will never find one as good as you. If you do, one day you will be working for them. Thats one of Gods plans, just like when your equipment breaks down, it helps give other people work.<p>Please remember one employee is really a helper but three or more are a crew!<p>Most of you guys in this forum are above & beyond the average come on down & make some money. In my town in Columbus, Ga. 250K pop there is only a couple of pros & the rest if there were more pros they would be out of work.<p>If you ever go to PC Fla one of the Bikini capitals of the world MTV has Spring break every year there or Destin Beach Fla one of the top 8 rated beaches in the world better than any in Hawaii. Both less than 180 miles from here you will love it too! Yes I'm married but I can dream just as you guys do, it keeps me going.<p><p>----------<br>GrassMaster - Have a nice day!!!!!<br><p>PS: Money is not every thing, some people make over a 100K a year & live in house trailers. Other people make 40K to 50K a year & live in 200K plus homes. I know!!!!!<br>

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