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    Anyone have a customer not pay for repair and pick up machine. We put motor on a 42” stander and now customer doesnt have money to pay for motor. Looking to sell machine to recoup my money. Has anyone done this?
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    There almost certainly are local laws that will tell you how long you must hold unclaimed property, what notice you must give to a customer prior to disposal, what right you would have to the proceeds or any sale, whether you need to send some or all of the proceeds to the customer or if some or all of the proceeds are to be escheated to the state. Everyone doing repairs needs to know the applicable local laws. Follow the law and you should be okay, don't follow and you risk being sued by the customer.
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    I would think you have two main options:

    1. Remove the engine and return it in the original state.

    2. Return the machine with the new engine
    ... a. He pays you later
    ... b. You sue him for the money
    ...... i. You are able to collect
    ...... ii. You are not able to collect
    ...c. You let it go.

    I don’t think selling it is an option. I would definitely not do this. You don’t have title to this property (in a legal sense). You can’t legally sell it anymore than the customer could sell one of your mowers. You have possession but you don’t have ownership.

    I would go with option #1 unless you are a gambler but if he doesn’t have the money he probably owes other people too and I don’t think chances are looking good on that route.

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