Any solo ops here grossing $75k upto $100k in sales...?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Exact Rototilling, Feb 13, 2014.

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    This brings up an important point. I have a long term girlfriend but live alone and have no children other than a few dogs and a cat. I have zero distractions when I am in the zone and it takes concentration, dedication and being left alone to do what I do.

    I often think what it would be like to have a wife and kids running about, or some other distraction but I don't have any so I am able to focus, plan, schedule and stick to it all.

    Yes I do it all. I have designed my own website, paperwork, leave behinds, marketing pieces when I used them, truck and trailer setup and lettering and I do my own maint too. I do have a guy fix my machine when it's out of my league and I take my truck to the dealer for service..

    I know it's confusing and hard to get for a lot here but remember. I do only applications to lawns or trees and I do not mow. I hate even mowing my own lawn!

    I did mow for three years when I started until I grew the fert end to the point I could get as far away from mowing as possible.

    Not because it isn't good honorable work. It is simply not my profession, expertise, and not what I do or can do.

    There is not nearly as much profit margin or ability to drive big revenue as a solo op in mowing as there is Lawn and Tree applications.

    By a long shot.

    If I mowed only.....I imagine 100K would be an outstanding season.
  2. Cadzilla

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    I should mention it helps to be a little O.C.D-ish

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    I am very new to this site but not new to the lawn care world. In fact this is my first post on here but my eighth season doing what I do. My services consist of mowing ONLY. My overhead/headaches/books/paperwork/supplies are very minimum. I wouldnt call myself completely solo seeing as I have a full time helper. He shows up every morning and brings only labor to the table. I run a 14ft trailer with two zero turns, two edgers, two trimmers, and two blowers. Thats it thats all the equipment i own/use. I take care of 210-220 residential yards every season that i have obtained over the past few years from scratch using a different kind of flyer format/delivering system than i have heard discussed on here. I refuse to do commercial bc of bad past experiences. I am blessed to live in the deep south where mowing season begins the middle of feb and goes to the beginning of dec. Through the years i have trimmed the lower accounts as well as the farther away ones. Every account i have is within 3 miles south, east, and west of my own residence. The minimum i charge is 50 dollars and the majority of my accounts are just that. Eighty percent of my customers want their lawn mowed every two weeks where the rest are on a 10 day circuit. With all that said i average between 20 and 25 lawns a day (weather permitting) 5 days a week. If I did every account every other week (which I dont) and they were all 50 dollars (which they arent) then I make 5,500 a week which comes to 220,000 the 40 months i mow. That would be my gross. My net would be that minus my helper, gas, blades, string, belts, oil, maintenance, repairs, ect.. I buy all new equip every 3 to four years cash. I do nothing the two months im not mowing except travel and relax. I love my low stress high paying job. Anything you guys that have been doing this longer than me wanna suggest im all ears
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    Marc I would be interested in your flyer method if you don't mind to share it. My email is I would also like to pick your brain if possible. Thanks
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    I don't buy any of it. There's two sides of the story and then there's the fairy tale. When someone say they not tooting they're own horn, that is exactly what they are doing, beep beeep. but when you work for it as the title of this thread SOLO that is something you hold dear to yourself and don't ever put it out there and risk it being shot down by on lookers. You've worked for it. you've earned. When you start talking about it loosely like oh i did it on my own, no body helped me, I'm solo, my success is due to my efforts alone, management skills, yea sure buddy.

    The dude that is saying I cannot, doesn't know that I would work him over and make him think about an early retirement. what he not telling you besides the business 101 fluff is the other half of the story. Only what's necessary to look good, feel good. Solo, yea dream on. The secret to success is something that will always be bottled up and sold over the counter no different from the lotto. Why, because there is always someone willing to buy it.
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    Glad your OCD doesn't work against you. Mine cut both ways and can cause a "lost in the details drill" or "over think cycle".

    If you only sprayed lawns how would this hurt your income. This is the single glitch I seem to run into with clients debating to sign up with me vs a total lawn-tree-shrub Co.
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    Tree Shrub is less than 15% of my business. 70% is made up of my own lawn accounts and 15% of the work I do is subbed from mowing companies.

    I'm not diagnosed OCD. More anal retentive I suppose.
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    People on here get all pissy because someone can do something they cant.
    Ive seen this stuff for a decade plus here. I always think of the guy in FL with a push mower making bank and everyone hating on him.

    My last year solo my NET was just over 125k just mowing, with some snow on the side. Charging 2-3x more for fert n squirt per stop vs mowing with a good route and tight schedule you could very easily gross over 200k.....**** 300-400k is doable after you built it up. And if you are that efficient, you will have a very nice net as well :)
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  9. JimsLocalLawn

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    Well once I do my 40,000th $25 lawn, I will be a millionaire!
  10. Falcon50EX

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    Gadzilla What you are doing will work and if you know how to run a Z $1500 is easy. A few question if this is outside of the Thread then would u PM me.
    Your smallest lawn is 10K?
    Did you target market that size?
    How did you target market if that is what you did?
    Number of accounts does not matter it is all about the SQFT or do you use some other estimating method?
    Do you alter your price for larger properties?
    You have to go though a truck load of fert what about storage of product.

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