Any Solutions to the Toro 21" Front Wheel Problem

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by xpnd, Aug 13, 2003.


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    the kit number is a # 105-1290 (wear plate kit) and it only fits SUPER RECYCLERS
  2. O P M

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    I have had the Toro with the cast aluminum deck. After I repaired the height adjusters a couple times, I had to replace the deck because the aluminum wore out. I wore out the second deck and got rid of the machine. This was using it strictly for home use.

    Now, I have the commercial Toro ($1000) with the steal adjusters and rubber tires. The adjusters work tough but it is only 1 year old. I believe the rubber tires (not plastic) will take a lot of the rattle out of the ride so the adjustments do not wear as fast. I know it is day and night compared to the residential mower.

    By the way, my "old" Toro, the one I went through 2 decks, many adjusters, and three sets of tires lasted almost 20 years.
  3. Ground Master

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    that height adjuster is riveted on and becomes loose after a short time, just weld it
  4. O P M

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    It is not the bracket that causes the most problems, it is the aluminum deck with notches for it to fit into that are built into the "residential" Toro mowers. The notches wear with vibration from the mower and thus, you need a new deck!

    I now have the commercial model with no problems.
  5. xpnd

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    Thanks, I was hoping someone would include the PN.
  6. saw man

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    is that part # for the front or the rear

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    That part number will get all four corners, and includes all the hardware.
  8. Green Pastures

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    What's the problem?

    I've got 3 seasons on my Toro 21" and NOTHING wrong with it.

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