Any Stihl dealers on the forum?.....

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by moandsaw, Oct 2, 2009.

  1. moandsaw

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    If so I would like to start a thread pondering the following:
    What causes Stihl 4-Mix blowers to break the lower crankcase pan, shearing off one or more of the 6mm screws that hold the bottom of the crankcase?
    I have seen maybe a half dozen of these cases in the past couple of years and it is rather baffling. Any insight would be gratefully appreciated.

    P.S. Moderator, if this post is in the wrong place please let me know. MaS
  2. ricky86

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    They will never tell. I feel it was a bearing fit issue in the crankcase because I have caught some before they exploded. Brg was actually spinning in case, so.... It only should have been early production. New and much improved have been OK. I hope your dealer did the right thing by you, unless they were "worn" out.
  3. Buzz it

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    ItÂ’s really unfair that some parts of the country (Ga., Fl.) can sell the BR600 Magnum for $439.99 but can't sell it outside the state on the INTERNET and we in California have to pay $489.99 and up. Not fair in these economic times! Please let others know before they pay to much when other manufacturers have better WARRANTIES and just as good blower specifications. Check out Tanaka TBL7800R with 7 yr. warranty for $431.99 out the door OR Echo PB755T/H with 5 yr. warranty for $451.99 out the door OR shindaiwa EB633RT with 2yr. warranty for $411.99 out the door at in Illinois, usa with no tax or shipping costs. STIHL DOES NOT SEEM TO BE FAIR WITH THEIR SELLING METHODS CONCERNING CA, what is happening in other states I wonder. Anybody know? By the way Echo makes Shindaiwa. Shin 633 same as Echo 755 (like CHEVY SILVERADO and GMC SIERRA)
  4. mnms0562000

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    BUZZ IT. 18 Posts saying the same thing is ANNOYING. Stihl makes the prices. Contact Stihl if you want to complain.
  5. topsites

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    I hear you, and it took me a while to figure it out but this fool is spamming,
    like yourself I thought it was just another Lco truly annoyed by some BS,
    turns out it's actually his own stuff he's trying to sell us...

    There's a link in there... :dizzy:

    I guess the good news is, we can always learn from someone else's mistakes.
  6. pugs

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    Are you aware you are breaking Tanaka's internet sales policy? When selling products on the internet you have to sell them at MAP(Minimum Advertised Price) which for that blower is 509.99. I will have to give Bob a call and see what he thinks about this...

    Also, I just thought of something....Shindaiwa had us sign something that doesnt allow online sales 2 strikes for you.

    I dunno the Echo policy but probably similar since they own Shin.
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  7. mnms0562000

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    Thats how it is with Stihl. We cant sell anything online. Everything sold has to be put together and started at the shop. Even gifts.
  8. Buzz it

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    Not a dealer, just a homeowner with large yard and a lot more leaves who needs a more powerful blower. Stihl is good, no question about it but have been frustrated in finding a fair price to match other Manufacturers similar models.
  9. Buzz it

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    Originally Posted by rotti1968 
    One of the biggest issues with any company out there weather its stihl,honda,kawasaki etc. is that California has such different standards for emissions. Because of this it costs these company's more to produce a unit that will comply with laws of this state. As far as stihl goes they do not sell on the internet or to box stores is for a number of reasons. they want to have dealers who can not only sell the units to the customer but also offer service, they want each and every unit to be registered to the customer who buys them, this is for recall,warranty and safety reasons.

    Also there are distributors across the country who supply the dealers in any given area some of these are not owned by stihl and are private company's and have control of how pricing is set . The other factor is the size of the dealer you are buying from . Do to the amount of stihl we purchase and sell to the consumer every year we get different pricing them maybe the small dealer 30 or 40 miles from us . and because of this we can offer the units at a lower cost to the customer.

    And those warranties you speak of make sure you read the fine print, yes it maybe 7 years but that may only cover items they need to cover as per the laws of the country. Stihl has warranties that cover certain items or equipment based on how and where they will and are used such as cut off saws are only 90 days.Or take for instance a carburetor carries a 2 year warranty no matter the length of the basic warranty.coils since 2003 carry 2 years parts and labor and 5 years parts. Coils before 2003 carry other warranties depending on age of unit anywhere from lifetime parts , or even lifetime parts and labor.

    Thank you rotti1968. That was very insightful/helpful. You seem to be the only one who got the sense of my post. I wanted to buy a Magnum and there was many after Thanksgiving sale discounts to be found but none for Stihl and yet I was seeing the Eastern part of the country getting a great discounted price and felt frustrated. It appears many did not read my question at the end: what is happening in other states I wonder. Anybody know? They thought I was a dealer trying to sell other brands by their replies which was not the case. Just did not understand pricing polices. I am not a dealer and never have bought a backpack model before but am a shopper who looks for good product such as Stihl at a good price. Must say I did go overboard by posting to much. Sorry! It is my first time using a forum. It is interesting and informative but I need to improve with my questions. Thanks again rotti1968.
  10. topsites

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    Buzz it you're so FOS it stinks, you ain't bought a one of these for your own use and even if you did you
    know full and well that you've about mercilessly spammed your copy-paste horse crap on about every thread
    that had certain keywords in it, leading me to believe you went so far as using software to do it but even
    if you did it manually you still hardly lifted a finger.

    You really expect me or most anyone with any amount of sense not to see right through that?
    In reality that just makes it worse, now I figure you must think we're a whole bunch of real morons here
    whom you expect to fall flat on their faces, pull out their wallets and throw money your way nice as can be.
    Yeah, right...

    Because I wouldn't give you the time of day, I found the stuff about folks wanting to report you amusing and I also feel
    you're not doing anyone any favors either but then it hardly matters because I buy my equipment from established and
    reputable operations only, and thank you.
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