Any "study help" on IL pesticide test appreiacted

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by harleybuilder, Dec 15, 2007.

  1. harleybuilder

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    I'm going to be taking the "General Standards " & "right-of-way" in Jan 08. Anyone have any helpful tips, study suggestions that might help? The math formulas are giving me fits..... Is there a "practice test" on-line somewhere that i could use to help me?
  2. harleybuilder

    harleybuilder LawnSite Member
    from IL
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  3. PerfectEarth

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    Not sure about your state- In KY, if you have worked around spraying or have any real hands-on experience at all PRIOR to the exam you can pass blindfolded.

    We have to know weed IDs, sq footage calcs, different types of pesticides (WP, etc), SPILL RULES!!! Um..... protective clothing, bla bla bla. It is pretty common sense stuff.
  4. harleybuilder

    harleybuilder LawnSite Member
    from IL
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    Thanks PerfectEarth. I grew up farming at home and for neighbors, but that was 30 yrs ago. I have been studing the study books, but trying to remember the calc formulas are just killing me.
  5. kmiller23

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    Go to one of the day courses provided by the state. You should then be able to easily pass them on the first try.
  6. Midstate Lawncare

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    read the gen. stds. book 4 times a day, for the 4 days prior to the test. take the rights of way another day but study the same way. I passed first time w/ a 91/100 now I have r.o.w. (90) turf (90) ornamentals (88) mosquito (88) studied the same way for all of them. Get the study work book too for all the tests you take, use it the same way. Don't take the classes. I've known more guys who thought all they needed was the class, they still do aerations and mow.... only.:hammerhead: work at it and learn as much as you possibly can, you can really screw up alot of stuff applicating. contact me if you have any specific questions... Nate
  7. harleybuilder

    harleybuilder LawnSite Member
    from IL
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    Thanks for the replys guys. I have the general standards on the 7th and the r.o.w on the 8th of January. Those 2 days are the only dates that they are offering the testing and class in our area, so i guess i will be doing ALOT of reading from now until the 7th.
  8. scottiealexander

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    is there a pretest that you can take
  9. Classified

    Classified LawnSite Senior Member
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    Holy thread revival!

    No there is not official pretest. Just study study study, take the class then take the test. I didnt study study before the class and I passed but sweated through it.
  10. marvinlee

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    This works for me. 1) As you study, write your own test questions. Put one question on each 3x5 inch index card. Write the answer on the back. I have more than a hundred such cards and update them each time the study manual changes. That is here in Oregon, which sells a study manual. 2) Make a glossary that contains technical terms that you are not familiar with. Put on index cards just as with the homemade test questions. 3) On math questions, do any sample calculations over and over until the calculations become second nature. It takes me a lot of time to do well on math, but I do well on the tests mostly by lots of prep time. 4) Have your significant other person ask you questions. My wife does it for me, using my homemade test questions. 5) Underline pertinent parts of any study materials you have. I don't know why that helps, but it seems to help me. 6) Overlearn. The Air Force Personnel Research Center found that overlearning aids long term knowledge retention under stress. What is a test, if not stressful? 7) Put the same question in different forms. If, for example, a question is on calculating areas, work out answers for L shaped land, circular, or square. 8) Focus on your weakest areas. Take the hardest thing you have to learn, and read the material word, by word, by word, until the meaning comes clear. Rewriting the material in your own words sometimes helps. Then study some more until the hard becomes less hard. 9) If you have taken the test before, see if Illinois breaks down your previous test score by broad test topics. If so, you may be able to narrow down what you need to study most for. 10. If you find your test area to be slightly dim, you can get additional light by asking in advance. I do this, and find it helps to have plenty of light. 11. Take a larger than normal size calculator, with big bright numbers to help make calculations easier. 12. Use every minute of allowable test time. Especially, recalculate your numerical answers. 13. Use multiple information sources if your state provides them. I use the test study manual, review the state statutes, and any free handout literature. 14. Try to find out what weights various test topics have in the total grade. You may want to put more study emphasis on the topics that count most in your final grade. I hope one or more of these ideas helps. Best wishes for a successful test outcome.

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