Any suggestion on a power hedge trimmer

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by yungman, Dec 24, 2007.

  1. yungman

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    I have an Echo HC151 hedge trimmer with 21.3cc engine. It is very reasonable priced. I have it for over 2 years. It works. Question is , a lot of time when I trim anything with stems half inch or over diameter, the branch can get caught and jam the trimmer. The engine can still run when I push harder but the clutch slip and go nowhere.
    Am I asking too much on a small trimmer like this? Any suggestion on a good strong commercial hedge trimmer? Weight don't matter. I don't want the long pole type, only the regular single or double sided 30 or 40".:usflag:
  2. TimTim2008

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    you really need a brush cutter for that, its the one with the metal (circular saw) looking blade on it..

    they sell echo heads for only $29-$49
  3. BentleyOutdoors

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    :usflag:As stated above that is too large to cut with the trimmers, the echo you have is a great unit! just watch out for larger stems.
  4. greenerman

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    Shindaiwa DH230, cheers and Merry Christmas!!:canadaflag:
  5. MikeKle

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    I have always used a Tanaka THT-200, it is around 25-30" double sided blade,That thing will cut well over 1/2" stems! Ive actually cut some as big as 1.25" It doesnt even bog the engine down! The only bad thing about it is it has no primer bulb, so you have to spray starting fluid into the carb when cold starting. I am actually looking for the type that look more like a regular trimmer than a hedge trimmer.trimming hedges that are over 6ft are difficult for me,I think using one of those hedge trimmers would be much easier as well as keeping the hedge even,Plus I think one Echo model even has a double sided blade (looks like about 36") that also swivels 180 degrees.Good Luck!
  6. Happy Frog

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    Although I don't have this problem with my hedger, for this size of steams, the brush cutter blade with teeth is your best bet...
    I solved the power issue by having 25.4cc power heads and using attachments instead of buying complete units.
    I bought all my Echo equipment for less than $1,600 and I can change the power head in a snap if one doesn't work (or buy another one and more attachments if the business grows)
    It makes the equipment a little heavier but offers me flexibility and low cost.
  7. Mike Fronczak

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    Take it in, get the blades sharpened & adjusted. I did this for the first time this year, completly made difference (also using ECHO 1500's). I have a Kawaski one, but it is heavier, fumes are horrible, & cost more, I bought it & it sits 95% of the time.

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