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    Hi, just went to look at a potential job the other day, and this is what I found when I got there. The gentleman and his wife have installed an underground storm shelter. He is wanting some landscaping done around the perimeter. My first thought was a rock garden, with some low-growing shrubs, such as juniper, and some groundcover such as purple wintercreeper. Now I have a concern about whether or not the shelter has been treated with some type of moisture barrier. The website states that the shelter is made of concrete. The gentleman stated he would be open to rock or gravel enclosed with landscaping timbers as shown in the company brochure. Not my first choice, but he is the customer. The soil in this particular area is of clay structure, so therefore, my concern about water retention. I have emailed the company hoping to get a response other than gravel or rock around the perimeter. Here are some pics for you to look at..... Gabe's renovation 026.jpg

    Gabe's renovation 023.jpg

    Gabe's renovation 026.jpg

    Gabe's renovation 023.jpg

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