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Any suggestions keeping dust from eyes


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Southern Indiana
Its been dry around here and the past few days my eyes are suffering from dirt exposure. Rite now my eyes a all watery and tired feeling and the visine has just about run out.


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Constant problem for me since I wear hard contact lenses. I usually wear the wrap around safety glasses and they seem to help the most. When I get dirt under those, man it hurts. Would like to have that laser surgery but I need to cut a lot more lawns for that.


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Visalia, CA
pjslawncare/landscap said:
Its been dry around here and the past few days my eyes are suffering from dirt exposure. Rite now my eyes a all watery and tired feeling and the visine has just about run out.
Safety goggles can help but they're not perfect. If it gets too warm (or a hot body in cold weather) some have a tendency to fog up even with breathing holes in them. And those holes do let some dust in. Don't know anyone who uses them but some swear by ski goggles with "no fog" lenses. :cool2:


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First off, some of it is unavoidable and what you're experiencing around here the boys refer to this as 'Lawn gagging,' LOL! You know what Lawn gagging feels like when you're pulled over off the side of the lawn fairly puking but certainly choking and coughing and spit is flying and sneezing and runny nose and you can't see and sure as hell your throat can't take another breath, lol.

Over time thou, I got a bit better at avoiding in-your-face concentrations of this deadly dust of pollen and dirt and grass particles flying out of the chute into the breeze... practice, practice... practice makes perfect, it doesn't entirely fix the problem but it helps:

Over time, I learned to outsteer, out-power or sometimes wait out those clouds of dust come around... Some has to do with wind direction so you can plan a little, some you know is coming when the mower rides over certain spots (but again it takes time to learn which spots do it EVERY time) - Learned to either avoid those spots (maybe weed-eat them later) OR raise the deck in the air some (pop a wheelie) over those dhry spots of dirt and in real bad cases I turn the blades off for a few until I'm over that area OR turning down the rpm can help but it also slows the mower down so turning down the rpm is a bit 50-50.

Turning my face away / closing my eyes momentarily / don't breathe for a few seconds, all this helps, too.

The next thing I started doing it this year but there are drawbacks but that is to take a paper towel and a good amount of generic window cleaner (dollar store stuff works good) and soak my Uvex Genesis tinted safety goggles in this soapy solution (well SPRAY the goggles about a half-dozen times) and wipe them real clean but go easy, this not only restores vision but it gets rid of a LOT of dust particles that can shake themselves loose during work and they're already near your eyes - By the way, the 'fuller' the wrap of the goggles, the better... Hence why I like Uvex safety goggles, the Patriot is a nice model (and a bit more economical) but I'm sold on the Genesis cauz it's so HOT looking :)
I do this only when the goggles get REAL bad because the Ammonia in the windex has a tendency to slowly strip small pieces of the tint off the goggles AND wiping dust can scratch the lenses, I noticed after cleaning them a few times there are a few spots where the tint isn't quite right anymore, so use this trick sparingly. Also, a nice solid spray with a garden hose then just shake them off a bit, this can help as well and is not as rough on the lens. But yes, I *always* wear safety goggles, usually I wear the tinted kind but when it gets darkish or on cloudy days, I have a few clear-lens goggles around as well - Try and keep a box to keep these in AND keep spares at home to keep them clean - Clean goggles are the best, if they're in the truck they get dirty so I keep ones in the truck until they get bad then swap them out for clean ones (or clean the dirty ones, whatever).

You gots to become one with the lawn, Luke.


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On that last note with the Safety Goggles I been browsing at Uvex just now and it appears the Patriot is now called the Astrospec 3000 thou it is very possible you can still find it in stores under the Patriot name.
The Bandido / Bandit styles might suit some of you, the U2 is neat and the Genesis is ultra-cool as well (also one of the priciest, right around 9 dollars each) also the XC is new and appears close to the Genesis in style (the thing about the Genesis AND the XC is the piece fits around the nose is ultra-comfortable)...
You can find these goggles generally at Lowe's/Home Depot and Auto-parts stores such as Advance (Autozone or Pep Boys probably too) and here's the slew of them (click on a model and you can mouse over the different shades to get a look at the tints):
No offense to Uvex but NEVER buy anything along the lines of the Ultraspec, those are POS (pricewise they're great but they really suk).

Nothing but Uvex for my business, they really rock those guys... One thing I learned is to check Salvage stores and discount places sometimes have these goggles for a better price, also ebay has good ones from time to time:
But you gotta really look over time browse through the list every few weeks, MOST of the stuff on that page is P O S you don't want... About the only ones appear half-decent are Rubygirl's goggles but if you're paying 6.99 - 7.99 each at that point you're just as well off buying at the local store, price-wise.


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My eyes would be almost swollen shut after mowing this summer because of my soft contacts. Sun glasses and safety glasses didn't seem to help any so I ended up doing a search on Ebay for padded riding glasses. I found some for about $20 and they worked pretty good. They looked just like the $200 HD glasses my brother has too!

My best move was to have teh Lasik surgery in August. No more contacts, no more irritation, no more red eyes, no swelling and i can even see now. Best money I've spent in a long time. Still can't convince the accountant it was a business expense though!