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Last year I had an account to mow some rental houses on a college campus. Early Spring, I called to make sure that we would have it again this year. The owner called me back and left a message that they would be happy to use our lawn care again this year. However, now all of the sudden I get a call from her secretary and she says we need to summit a new bid and that they aready have one other bid. I was under the impression that I had this job this year. The real problem is that the owner is off on a surgical leave and I would like to talk to her personally. I must summit this new bid by Monday. Does anyone have any suggestions as to the best way to talk to the owner without pissing them off? This account is somewhat of a pain to mow, however it pays pretty fair. I really don't want to lose this account and was thinking I had it.<br>Thanks,<br>Joe


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Sounds to me like you are getting under bided Joe. Maybe lowballed. Nothing you can really do but submit another bid. One maybe under what u were doing it for. But you have to decide what profit you can be happy with. I wouldn't cut your profit too much at all especially to get a hard job. Sometimes you just have to let a job go and bid elsewhere. Here we are cutting full blast now.


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I have done this many times. I would type up a new bid and go to this office and turn it in. Be polite but determined to keep the business. Explain your situation and about the phone call you recieved. Most places go through a bidding process no matter who their in bed with. It's a mere formality in some cases and in others, they want to check your pricing. It's not like they do this all day every day like we do.<br>I realize this is not much comfort, it's agonizing. What really stinks is next year when you think you really have them in the bag, they'll bid it out again. Remember not to beg, your work stands good for itself. Granted you should keep your face in front of them and use good salesmanship. I like to pop in on my customers during the winter and say hello. I Just don't want them to forget what I look like. Very seldom do I lose business when I already have it and I tell people that I am in this for the long haul and I want to cut their lawn 20 years from now. One thing is for sure, they know I'm a bulldog on the sales end of this business.<br>GOOD LUCK


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Bid at your price and forget it.If your work and price are reflective on the property you win, if not you lose.Maybe they want someone to JUST CUT THE GRASS, THIS IS NOT ROCKECT SCEINCE YOU KNOW!!!!!!!!!!So it may seem.

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