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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Raking-It-In, Apr 12, 2008.

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    I have an 87 ford f350 4 spd dump truck... shes been around the block a few times ! here's my problem.. The dump is pretty rotted (floor of the dump) but the sides are still good and so are the main floor supports that run under the dump floor . The truck runs pretty good but she is old. I don't wanna invest in a new dump bed for her cause she is old. Friend of mine who is a race car fabricator said to cut the old floor out and in stall a new one was gonna cost a few bucks..So here is what i was thinking. The floor of the dump just has some rotted holes in it but can still hold weight. I was going to go to home depot and buy some pressure treated plywood and use self tapping screws and attach it to the floor supports. Like i said the dump floor is still there so its not like the plywood would be supporting all the weight. what do you guys think? Sorry for the long post.
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    its a little late to reply but my floor is all wood and good thing is i can always replace the wood. the side walls you can replace if its the racks but since your sides are good then dont worry just put very good pressure treated wood and it will last a long time. just make sure you dont go to thin with the wood.
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    i actually sold it....i was offered good money for it from a mason......i am gonna look for another over the winter..googles what areas do you service ?

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