Any thoughts about using the steel "U.S. Buildings" for storage ?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lennonpaul, Feb 28, 2005.

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    I recently started doing a search for ideas on how to build my next storage facility. Well this website had all types of different garages and storage buildings that seemed fairly easy to install. What got me about the buildings is that not only are they easy to build but they are a low cost alternative to pole buildings, and yet seems like it wouldnt look out of place if i built it in my backyard, unlike some large pole buildings I see. You can purchase a 20X30X12 for about $6500 not including end walls and the concrete floor.
    If any of you have any feedback on this, or know of someone that has this setup, feel free to clue me and the rest of us into how well this storage system holds up to the elements and professional use.
    thanks Paul
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    I built a 25 x 30 'S' style quonset from Steelmaster. There are five different companies that all sell the same thing, so get a quote from them all.

    These companies are like used car salesman. One guy will say he has a repo at a great deal, or one just fell off the truck, or he is just a janitor and all the salesman are gone for the day, etc. How do you get the best price? Well, let me tell you. Get a quote from as many as you can. Get it faxed to you (you will need to give them a credit card # to do this, but they cannot charge to it unless you return the contract with a signiture). Call the most honest one (for me, the only one not playing games was Steelmaster) and tell him to give you his lowest price. He will say he can only do that if you fax him a copy of a competitor's contract. Comply.

    The 25 x 30 with endwalls AND baseplates, 12x10 Clopay garage door and 7x3 service door was initially between $8500-$9500 USD. I paid $4700 delivered. The slab was another $2700. Now, that was in '97 and steel has gone up in cost, but it gives you an idea what to shoot for.

    Good things about the building: Totally open space. Easy to build with a few tricks not included in the instructions. No upkeep/paint. Cheapest per square foot. Fire proof. Very strong.

    Bad things: Hot/cold. Can't nail something to the wall. Loud in the rain. Really loud in a hail storm.

    Get the largest your property can hold and you can afford. I should have gone at least 10' longer. Such an overhang can weatherproof the garage door, add mini carport, extra storage, etc.
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    Thanks for the reply. I did realize they were very aggressive on the phone, all i wanted was a price and they just wanted my credit card number before i even heard a price. They called me the next day with another salesman that was also aggressive and all i was doing was price checking since there website said nothing about price. I can believe there is alot of noise from the metal roof and im sure if you dont insulate controlling the temperature could be difficult. Thanks for the info on the other business's that sell a similiar product, I wasnt aware of that.
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    they look like a nice building to have
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    Loud in the rain and really loud in a hail storm.

    That's funny, I love it!


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