Any thoughts on this sprayer??

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by mg10117, Jan 22, 2008.

  1. mg10117

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    Fairly new to pest/herbicide apps. Most of my lawns are 1/4 to 1/2 an acre...however a few are well over that :hammerhead: and backpack sprayer can get heavy fast. The Synergy is only a couple gallons and gregson clark inserts convert/replace a perfectly good spreaders capabilities. I'd have to go buy another spreader:dizzy:? Just wondering what you guys thought...

    Here are its specs:

    Electric 12 volt push sprayer, 15-6.50x6 rear tires, zero turn radius with 360 degree front tire, 8 gallon poly tank, 80 inch spray width, foldable booms, turbo teejet air induction tips, extremely low drift, pressure gauge, bypass valve, deep cycle wheel chair battery, 12v battery charger included, Shurflo pump, edge curtain optional.

    16 gpa, 1/2 acre / tank at 20 psi, 2.5 mph at comfortable walking speed.

    Pro Edge Model PE-B.png

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  3. Landrus2

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    If you are license get your self a 250 gallon sprayer this way you will have time to ride your bike:drinkup:
  4. mg10117

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    i heard there are a lot of belt issues with LT Rich's wb36 though??:confused:
  5. LushGreenLawn

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    How much is that thing?

    Also, fyi-the synergy sprayer covers 16,000 sq ft., almost a half acre and you only have to deal with refilling two galloons of water instead of eight.
  6. sclawndr

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    I've got an LT Rich WB for sale. It's a great unit that unfortunately my franchise is making me sell. PM if interested.
  7. mg10117

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    LushGreenLawn...not sure on price, they require a call for that model...this is there web site ... also, do you have a synergy sprayer? if so, would you recommend it?
  8. PHS

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    I looked at the synergy before but I was a little concerned about being limited to spraying at such a low rate. 16oz/M probably works fine for systemic post control but what about pre-m's and contact materials? fungicides? If you don't have an extra spreader it may be inconvenient to take it on and off. Another concern is drift when spraying a 9' swath at 16oz/M, I would think that the spray is very fine to get that coverage. Although I guess with a different nozzle you could choke it down to a 6' swath which would help but reduce the overall coverage area.

    Those are just my concerns but I've never used one so someone that's used them may not find those things to be an issue.
  9. Shades of Green LService

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    There's a guy by me who uses something very similar and it looks like it does a good job. Depending on the price, i might look at the LT Rich walk behind.
  10. jspray

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    Price of Proedge PE-B is 1,995 plus tax/freight. Unit will spray all day on one charge--smart charger included. Model PE-B lite with aluminum const. and 5 gal tank with approx. 1/2 total weight available soon.
    Unit is just right for small lawns--applicator here sprayed 25 lawns in one day on one charge.

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