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    My family sold 17 acres to a developer a few years ago, they just got the model home finished. does anyone know if developers usually have a landscaper that they deal with to take care of their model homes or should I take the chance and try to get the jobs from them also im thinking about asking to put my flyers in their model homes so when they sell a home hopefully I will get the jobs of taking care of the lawns. also id was thinking about getting in touch with local real estate companies and asking to put my flyers in the welcome packs when they sell a property, and also id like to get the real estate companies business taking care of properties they have listed. so should I throw caution into the wind and go for it or will it be a waste of time
    sorry for rambling on :dizzy:
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    You should have offered an exclusive landscape contract along with the sale of the properties.

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    i would have done that but I didnt own my Landscaping business than, was running our machine shop at the time, but i already thought of that
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    Watch out with big companies like that. Notoriously late payers. Not that you shouldn't do it but don't put your eggs in one basket as they say. Make sure you can still servive if they don't pay for 90-120 days.
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    Not only late payers, but always looking for something for nothing!!!

    If the question is whether of not to try, go for it what do you have to lose besides the time?

    The problem I see in this neck of the woods is that the average LCO doesn't know how to ask for a job. In Feb and March we started walking into every business we could find and asked a simple question.

    "Who is responsible for your lawn and landscape care?"

    Then we talk to that person and ask them another question "How do I get on your bid list for landscaping and lawn care maintenance?"

    Pretty simple if you ask me. But the problem is most dont have the guts to do it.

    I am a salesman, and to me its simple, "Hi my name is...." if you can do this just 5 times a day you will soon have more work than you can handle.
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    in this business, you have to be a salesman, an extrovert......

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