Any Vac System For Toro Z Yet?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LJ lawn, Nov 19, 2001.

  1. LJ lawn

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    is someone finally making a vac system for the toro z? when i bought my small 44"z 2 yrs ago nothing was available.anyone running a factory setup?i adapted a trac-vac to it but i would rather have a deck mounted blower assembly.
  2. I hope you didn't buy the home owner one. You could probably get the Exmark Ultra Vac system to work on it.

    Come on take a chance and let us know if it will fit.
  3. mdb landscaping

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    turf products corp makes one for it i beleive
  4. bruces

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    According to my dealer & distributor reps, there will be one available in 2002, similar to the Exmark system.

    I was informed that it would fit my 52", don't know about a 44" or pricing.
  5. landscaper3

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    Yes a new bagging system will be available for all Toro Z-Masters including prior 2001 years, It will be its own design and nothing like the Exmark version!!! It will have a blower assembly (turbine type) like the walkers and toro Z355 version with a vaccume system inside the bin to prevent clogging as on the Trac Vac, grasshoppers and others do, as we had manyyyyyy upper clogging problems with our demod mowers and Toro will make a vaccume system to prevent this. And we also were told there will be no counter weights on front like the others have to composate the rear weight. Our local dealer is going to let us demo 1 for one of our Z-Masters in the spring for our imput on how it works. We demoed the Trac-Vac one that bolts to the back but clogged all the time, real heavy and the counter weights on front were so heavy it slowed 1 of out Z-Masters down at least 1.5mph plus it vaccumed nothing like our Walkers mowers did. We had to go over everything with our Walkers to make them look mint. The Exmark has a better version then the after market ones do to there turbine flows in the same direction as the spent grass clipons. But do to there turned turbine they do take much extra space up on trailers and harder to get into small tight areas but the do seem to have one of the better vaccume systems we tried.


    Blue bird. don't know the web site off hand.
  7. DanG

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    I believe that the vac that Toro is coming out with will not retro fit to the older decks. It fastens to the plate that toro added onto the discharge of their deck and has a snap to hold it in place. The older deck 2000 and prior don't have this on them add it would have to be fabricated to make it work.
  8. Kevin Neely

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    I attended the G.I.E show in Tampa last week as was able to see the new Toro Turbo Vac. This thing rocks. It will fit prior 2001 decks with a simple bolt on plate that is currently in design stages.
    Capacity is something like 14.0 cu. ft. turbine is run off engine with no blower assymbly attached to deck. Dump from seat with easy on off capabilities. Due out spring of 2002.
    They will also have the run of the mill triple soft cloth bagger simular to competitors with a blower assymbly mounted to deck. From what Toro told me both styles will be produced by them and not outsourced. Oh yea, they will also have both models for the compact Z 100 series.
  9. Toro has that nice Clambshell one out now.

    I thik it goes for about $2k.

    It wasn't easy to close but it did work and fit the water cooled engines.
  10. BobR

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    This unit fits the 100 series Z from TORO my dealer indicated that they are working on a 200 series model.. no extra weight on the front..

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