Any way to clean painted copper pipe?

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by bblawncare, Jun 21, 2008.

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    Hi everyone. I've got a project I want to do at my own house, but I've never worked with copper pipe. I've got a 3/4" copper line coming out of my house with a hose bib attached. I would like to cut off the hose bib, reconnect to the copper line and run new piping to my back yard where I can install a new hose bib in a more convenient location. I plan to use shark bite fittings to attach the copper to cpvc. (got the idea after reading the recent shark bite fitting thread on here) The copper coming off the house has been painted over many times-is there any way I can get that cleaned up so that I can connect the fittings properly or am I just SOL? Every bit of the exposed copper is covered in paint. Thank you...

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    Lots of sandcloth or if you have a drill you can put a wire attachment on it to speed it up. They sell sandcloth rolls for copper. The coarser the grit the faster it goes. Tear off long strips and act on it like you are a belt grinder. They also sell wire brush caps in the copper size you are working with that goes over the end and you twist. Sand the area you want to cut before you cut it so you don't tear your fingers up on the cut edges.
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    Best way is to heat it up with the torch and then clean it off. May take a few times of heating up. Use the wire brush though if you don't want to burn your hand :)

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    I've used pool acid muriatic I believe to clean really old copper before. Don't know how it works on paint though.
  5. bblawncare

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    Thank you for the quick responses-you guys are the BEST!!:clapping: I will employ these ideas and hope my project is not too difficult for me.
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    Fresh channel locks loosely held on the pipe and spun around....flip em over and do it again.....gets 95% and the rest comes right off w/ emory or sandcloth.....
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    Take a larger-sized copper fitting or piece of pipe, cut in half length-wise. Now you have a curved scraper. You can also sharpen the edge by filing the outside rim of the "business" end of the scraper.
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    Paint Weevils :)
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    use the triangle remer or scraper part on the tubing cutter to scrape it off and then use emery cloth to clean it up.

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    Yiiiii. Don't think I'll pass this tip on to Henry. might try it myself though. Seems like you could misshapen the copper pipe.

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