Any way to fight crabgrass in newly planted bermuda? Help!

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by KB, Jun 28, 2009.

  1. KB

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    I have LOTS of crabgrass coming up along with my bermuda that was just planted. Any way of fighting it? Pennington seed company says not to try to do anything for 60 days but I am afraid by that time the bermuda grass will be choked out. Anything that I can do?
  2. Stillwater

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  3. kirk1701

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    How much are we talking about?

    I had good results in the back as of late keeping it under control by dropping a couple drops of round-up right in the center.

    But were talking about 10 to 15 places around the garden where I don't want to spray due to drift.
  4. RigglePLC

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    Cut it out by hand. Just use a saw-tooth steak knife and cut it off flush with the ground. Don't bother to get the roots out--no need.
  5. Silverback

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    I have an apartment property that has Bermuda TIF 419 grass planted 2 years ago...The previous maintenance company ignored the weed problem that has gotten out of hand.

    Because the property is over 20 acres could someone recommend a product that would kill the weeds and not the Bermuda? Manually removing them will be very time consuming considering the scope of project although i like the serrated knife suggestion.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  6. Stillwater

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    what weeds are the majority?
  7. wrager

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    Weed-B-Gone Max plus crab grass control is a good consumer product. I'm sure there is a pro version available with the same ingredients.
  8. bigslick7878

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    It is decent but you have to catch the crabgrass in its early stages.

    The effectiveness goes way down the more mature the crabgrass is.
  9. Think Green

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    KB and Silverback,
    If you have any stitch of Bermuda growing..........make sure you have mowed it at least 3 times--mow it to an inch in height, and then apply MSMA at 2 oz per 1,000 sq.ft. Make sure have the brand with spreader sticker in the product. The bermuda will fade and or turn yellow, but Gosh Darnet, it will recover. After you have applied the MSMA you will see results in about 24-48 hours. Spotting and burn on the crabgrass will be evident with brown streaks in the growth. Apply water to the lawn afterwards to help the lawn not use any liquid chelated irons in the mix because it will interfere with the effects of the MSMA.
    I have nuked several Bermuda Tifway 419 lawns and some common bermuda lawns in the last 3 weeks. They looked kind of faded for about a week but after applying some Ammonium Sulfate at 5lb. per 1,000, the Bermuda came back with a fury. Make sure you are applying some water, or all else has failed. You can't let the smooth crabgrass get too tall and the long crabgrass go to seed head or it is arduous to control. Most times, 2-3 applications are needed if the lawns are 30% invaded. Here is the reason that I have gone to a 7 step application process.
    Next season-------speak to a professional about applying a preemerge before the crabgrass season starts in your areas. For me, it is around February and early March. You guys will probably start sooner, especially the Texas people.

    If you feel that Arsenical chemicals are too harsh and the fear of losing the grass is not an option, keep the lawns mowed and bagged. This will reduce the seed formations and from spreading the seeds. Call the professional in the Spring to control it with the preemerge.

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