Any way to get rid of Zoysiagrass?


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Burlington, Ia
Any one know of an effective way to get rid of Zoysiagrass? I just signed an old lady that has a 20x20 section in her yard and hates it. In this climate it takes till about june to start growing. Her lazy neighbor down the block started the problem a few years ago and of course now all her misfortunate neighbors have to pay the price. It is amazing to see how the stuff can transplant itself across a street.


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sod cutter to remove parts of it. but if I had to do it I would wait till it greened up hit it with fusilaid, wait a few weeks roundup to be sure and get it, Then cut it out and replace with cool season grass.


BUT ONLY if you are licensed.


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Northern Indiana
NO! even if you roundup the grass and dig it up it will come back in a couple of years. The root mass on this species is enormous and it will come back eventually. If you only want to do work for her for a couple of years then go for it, otherwise tell her to move.


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