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i was looking for an all around light duty welder, for landscaping needs and automotive needs. Like making racks, brackets, dumptruck mods, etc. I wouldn't need a super duty profressonal because I'd be using for mostly my auto hobbies. also, i didn't want to spend 400 dollars or more on a welder I won't be using too often. I found this one at Lowes for $200. I know very little about welding, is this suitable for my needs, and worth the price? Thanks.

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That is the exact welder I have. I am not a welder, I'm a scaper so I don't want to spend large money for a submerged arc wire feeder. I bought this unit to weld a flange on a manifold (yes cast iron) of an old mower. It got me going within an hour. Shop said they could order me a new manifold, be here in 2 weeks. Well I don't make a lot of money but in 2 weeks of down time I'll make a little more than the 200 for the welder. I bought the 200 welder fixed the manifold (still working) and a mayrid of other projects over the years. My suggestion Buy It... Mine sets in the shop unused 90% of the time, but when you need it ...............It's worth it's weight in gold


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Sears also offers a gassless welder for 200. for all around light duty welding any of them would do what you need. Flux core welders work almost as well as gas shielded welders for a lot less money. You just usually have a 20% duty cycle with flux core. Most importantly though, buy a good helmet!

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You would probably be better off with a stick welder you'll get better penetration. Learn to weld vertical up and your weld will never brake. When you go to by a shield get your self the lightest lens. You'll need it to see the gravy your putting down. Be shire to were the shield flash is no fun.


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Both Lowes and Home Depot sell Lincoln welders. The lower priced units are called "Weld-Pac". They are flux-core units. I ended up buying an SP-135 Lincoln from Lowes. It's about twice what you are looking to spend. It comes with the gas regulator if you want to add a tank and go MIG later. The SP-135 has additional settings compared to the "Weld-Pac" units. I've had good luck with my SP-135. It is a 120 volt unit just like the "Weld-Pac" welders.


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I think everything mentioned is a little too light duty. What's a 135 amp welder do on a single pass? 3/16" I think. Not too much. I think some of these smaller welders will fall short when you have to weld a mower frame, fix the trailer, or work on a dump bed.

I went with a Millermatic 175. 1/4" single pass, 230 V. It was shipped to me for $615 (I think) cart included from a place in NJ. Incredible welder, I love it. I would definitely take it over a Lincoln.

A cheaper route would be something like a Thunderbolt 225 (stick). Again I think Miller is the way to go. This would be good for almost anything a landscaper would encounter, or at least that one would want to do. Check out Ebay, there are always a bunch of welders for sale.

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