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Any Wright users?


LawnSite Member
Jacksonville, FL
I am thinking about buying a 36" Wright Stander w/ the 15hp Kawasaki. Any positive or negative comments are appreciated. This will be my first commercial mower that I will purchase.


LawnSite Fanatic
We have the Sendar Sport 36" with rapid height control and 17hp and like it a lot. We mulch everything .....it is a little tricky since hydro is a little sensitive but time and experience seemed to fix that problem. We have had a few problem but not anything significant. One of the hydro hoes wore a hole in it and had to have that replaced. Small size keeps customer happy that worry about big machines being used on property and footprint in trailer is small.


LawnSite Senior Member
I run wright standers, 52"/23 kaw. Great mowers - overall. As with all machines, they do have limitations. Not the best if you are mowing rough properties. They can be a little hard on the legs/knees.